43 thoughts on “Ed Sheeran – Castle On The Hill [Official Lyric Video]

  1. when i was 6 years old i broke muh leg i was running from my brother and his friends i broke mah leg and i smelled the mountain grass as i broke muh leg

  2. I moss my boyfriend he os in Hamburg an I miss him so much and this song is so cool but he is comming back soon

  3. Dang he had his first kiss at 15 while I'm over here editing my face into photos of Niall Horan ☹️

  4. I'm pretty confused between the Lyrics at the description and on the music video.
    In the description:
    ( 1st Chorus 2-the last)
    "When we watched the sunset,"
    In the Music Video:
    "We watch the the sunset."

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