Easy Windows 7 OS Install || How to install operating system on Laptop or PC easily || Tutorial

Actually Today’s video tutorial is from an old one But today I have re-edited it again to show it as a new one at public So today computer is becoming one of the essential thing in our day today life in related to this time technologies So our’s own computer laptop or desktop sometimes cause have cause the problems of operating system crash due to virus or by something when this happen we need to install the windows but there’s many person who don’t know how to install it And so for the persons who don’t know how to install the operating system at computer So how such problems of windows or operating system should be solve showing in this video is the learning or discussion of how does install it However there must be keep that a copy of windows operating system disc of myself or from someone else Ok Now Let’s See together Here Bootable means.. in computer language the files contains in the windows operating system’s disc that can be load into the computer’s memory and hard disk Let’s the the files are corrupted or not ways to boot the system is to restart the system after insert the windows disc After boot select the DVD-Rom type that disc was inserted it may be from internal or external dvd-rom & can be used pendrive too When install softwares it should be always check the Terms & conditions option After selection the desire drive we should format it But be careful when it format the wrong drive All the files from that drive will be lost After restart automatically it may ask to load windows from CD DVD as ” press any key” But don’t press any key. Allow it load automatically Now at this second time it is Ok to be eject the disc Now you have to enter a computer name This is the area to ask about windows update later If we use the crack windows it is better not to update For different computers have the separate display graphic drivers after install the correct graphic driver the screen resolution will be better for any required drivers to check let’s see on this device manager like WiFi, ethernet etc.. That’s all! It is easy one & you will be expert too when trying it again and again Myself at first don’t know anything about this But after practicing many times automatically expertise it So to all.. how’s today video, Please give feedback comments etc.. On next will be brought you another tutorials

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