Easiest Way to Transfer iPhone Photos/Videos to PC without iTunes

Hello YouTube. This is Praveen for TechEmpty. Here in this video I will be showing you the
best way to transfer documents, photos, videos and music from iPhone or iPad to Computer
or vice versa without using iTunes. So, without any further ado, let’s get started. We can transfer all the media files from Computer
to iPhone or iPad or vice versa by using a simple to use software called Winx MediaTrans. Literally, you can stop using iTunes to transfer
media files to iPhone or iPad whether they can be documents, photos, music and videos. Let me show you on how you can use this software
to do all the things right in just few minutes. Firstly, download the Winx MediaTrans from
the link provided here in the description of this video. Ofcourse, you can try it for free. Once the download gets completed, install
it on your Windows Computer by following the onscreen instructions. Trust me, it will just take less than a minute
to install it on your Windows PC. Now connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer
using the data cable and open the MediaTrans Software. Make sure to close the iTunes software while
using MediaTrans tool. Now you will see the name of the iPhone or
iPad, Battery percentage and the things that you can do with MediaTrans. Before using the core functions, I suggest
you to change the media path to where the exported files should be saved. To do that, click on settings and choose the
path for different media. First let me show you how you can import and
export the Photos using MediaTrans. To import a photo, you need to create an album. Click this + icon and name your folder. Now select ‘Add photo’ and choose the
photos from the computer to import. That’s it. Just sync to view photos on your iPhone or
iPad. You can delete the album from the same page. To export, select the photos and choose export. You can find the exported photos at the path
you selected at the settings window. Same like Photos, you can import and export
music right from Winx MediaTrans. All you need to choose some songs that you
would like to import into iPhone or iPad and sync them. You can export the imported songs, can edit
and delete them from this Music manager itself. Here comes the Video Manager to manage all
your videos. Do not worry about the format of the video. Just import any video to the iPhone or iPad
through MediaTrans. This will do everything for you and enjoy
watching your favourite stuff directly on your iPhone or iPad without any hassles. You can export, delete the video right from
the same interface. Books manager lets you add some documents
to read on iPhone or iPad. Just open it, add some books and sync it. That’s it. How simple is that. With this Winx MediaTrans, you can convert
your favourite music into a ringtone. Add the song, click on ‘Make a Ringtone’
and adjust the timeline. That’s it. Now sync and view the ringtone from ‘Sounds’
settings in your iPhone or iPad. One of the most notable features of this media
manager is that it allows you to use your iPhone as a useful USB drive. It comes with “Flash Drive” features that
let you drag and drop any files onto your iPhone’s memory. As it supports all file types, you have the
needed freedom to transfer any file type except .exe. More significantly, this functionality becomes
very helpful when you don’t have access to the external hard drive. And finally, this Remove DRM features lets
you allow to export the DRM protected music or videos that you purchased from iTunes. If you are in quest of finding a superior
iTunes alternative for PC to deal with media more comfortably, I would recommend you to
use MediaTrans. It is versatile and lives up to the task with
the desired result. Besides, it possesses unmatched transfer speed. That’s it for this quick video. I hope you find this video useful. If you do, hit the like button and consider
sharing this video with your friends. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to this
channel for more awesome videos like these. Your contribution is more to us. This is Praveen signing off. Hope to see you in my next video.

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  1. Sir thx for the stuff.I tried transferring some files from my PC to Ipad through Flash Drive.But I m unable to locate them in my ipad.

  2. guys did this work bc im not trying to do sum but I just read the comments and every one is saying it work so imam try it then imam come back in tell you rn im typing on my labotopt watching this so brb

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