Earn $500 Monthly using this Browser! (FULL GUIDE)

Hello and im back here with my Coins ph here you can see less than 30 minutes my BTC is now receiving from external money receiving 0.00451659 BTC and if you will convert it from PHP i almost earn 1800 pesos free and without any membership fee! Hello to all future millionare viewers this is Aiza Mercado and we’re back again with another video. Good morning to all! In this video, i will be sharing a web browser where we can earn extra money online. Watch the entire video because i will share you the ways of earnings here and the step by step guide to register. To all my beloved viewers, much appreciated if you will like this video and if this is your first time on my channel please consider subscribing coz im uploading videos to teach you how to earn money online. Here in my notepad the step by step how to register and i already posted this on my telegram channel. Lets start now! And step 1 is you need to download the Brave Browser. Copy the link i posted and also check this out on my video description. Paste the link to any web browser and you will be directed to brave.com/aiz870 download now the Brave Browser its available on PC/laptop android phones and IOS. 3 features of Brave Browser: 1) You can browser up the internet to 3x faster 2) Block ads that contains viruses and trackers that follows your around 3) Get rewarded for browsing You will earn BAT tokens while using their browser. Step 2: Create account here and link your website/Youtube channel to get your referral link. We will now create account in BAT publisher. All rewards will be credited here and here you will get your referral link. Sign up here (as a new user) enter here your email address. enter here your first name and last name Signed up! Take note: You need 2fa google authenticator to secure your account. Here is my original account, as you can see, i already earned 127.73 bat tokens also with pending payout. Take note: Payout here is every 8th of the month. So my next deposit date is july 8th. Now, if you will ask how to get the referral link simply scroll down to the bottom then click this “add channel”. It is mandatory to link your website Youtube channel, Twitch Channel or Twitter. As for me, i have linked my Youtube Channel and you will in verification information it will take up to 24-48 hours to verify my channel and may able now to use your referral link. Step 3: You need to create Uphold account coz publisher will send here directly our payments made from referrals and other earnings. Here is my Uphold account, here they transferred my 127 bat tokens i earned from my referral commission and the estimated amount of it is 2,205 PHP. In brave rewards, here is my 127 bat tokens and they transferred it on June 8 or maybe i received it midnight June 9. You must do also the KYC (know your customer) here in uphold.com so they can know whose been using their platfom. Now, i will share 3 ways of earnings with this browser. 1) Referral program, which i have mentioned earlier you will earn $5 worth of BAT tokens to all qualified referrals you have invited. For qualification, they must have use brave browser within 30 days 2) Publisher/Content Creators you can earn TIP from brave browser user if they will like your blogs, websites or your Youtube Channel. Okay, how? For example, lets go to my Youtube Channel then with the browser link section. you will see brave lion icon and bat token icon. Now, click on brave rewards you will see “Send a Tip”… You can’t do the self tip or else your account will be banned or as much as possible, you can do the Tip to Tip from any brave browser user. Now, click send a tip… For example, im browsing the Youtube site then i have visited Earn Money with Aiza’s Channel and i really love the videos she posted! As a viewer, i can send here a tip of 1 BAT, 5 BAT or if you are very generous with the content creator you can send 10 BAT or bat tokens. Lets go back with the brave rewards icon then click rewards settings. Earn tokens by viewing ads in Brave Browser. i suggest to use this browser to your entire browsing everyday coz here 3x faster, blocking unnecessary ads that pops out, and can earn money online! Click ad settings you can set the amount of ads displayed every hour for me, i have selected 5 ads per hour and for your entire browsing, there will be ads to view and it will display here your earnings after you view it. This time, i will be doing a live proof of withdrawal. In my Uphold account you will see BAT tokens available here select it. But because there is NO BAT tokens in coins ph i will be converting it first from any crypto currency. Click now transfer between your cards Then select your crypto, like BTC card then enetr the amount or check this use available funds then it will display the btc amount i will get which is 0.00519724 btc then click confirm they will deduct too the exchanging fee now, lets confirm it. Lets check it now on my btc card and i already converted and received it. Okay, how to withdraw it to Coins ph or any btc wallet? Select the btc card then select “Send to crypto currency” Select Bitcoin to send funds to. Paste here the BTC wallet you want to be transferred. Check use all funds again. You can see, its already debited from the 0.005 btc fund Check all details then click confirm. Enter here the 6 digit 2fa codes on your authenticator then confirm. Value now sent successfully and will now wait till i received in on my Coins ph. Hello and im back here with my Coins ph here you can see less than 30 minutes my BTC is now receiving from external money. Receiving 0.00451659 BTC and if you will convert it from PHP i almost earn 1800 pesos free and without any membership fee! Always remember the 3 ways of earnings: 1) Referral Program. 2) Monetize your works from being Content Creator. 3) You can earn BAT token will viewing the ads. Thats the end of my video tutorial how to use Brave and the step by step process how to sign up. I hope this video helped you how to earn money online. If yes, much appreciated if you will like now this video you can put comments too. Please also subcribe on Youtube and Telegram Channel Please do follow me on my social media accounts on the video description. Thank you again for watching! This is Aiza Mercado and see you on my next video!

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  1. Maam kung sakali na lalagyan ko po yung 35 pc namin ng ganyan, need pa po ba na lahat may account? thanks po sa sagot in advance

  2. bali yung browser po ba we will just simply use it lang po for 30 days then we get paid kahit walang ad viewing?

  3. mam aiza, may ask lang po aq..may brave browser na po kc aq..nag join po kc aq captcha…wala po ba prob dun ? anu po dpat qng gawin ?
    wala po lumabas sa brave browser q na connect channel ee…panu po b ?

  4. Hi po miss aiza, ask ko lang po kung alam nyo po kung pano po gagawin para magkaroon ng BAT logo sa brave browser ko?… Wala po kasing BAT logo sa akin eh… Thanks in advance po…

  5. hello po paano po gumawa ng authentication sa phone at sa laptop minsan ko lang po ksi mabuksan si brabe publisher then panibagong email add po ulit kasi expired na daw

  6. thank you for sharing your very informative video it helps a lot to those who want extra income especially to those full time mommy

  7. Miss mercado just wanna ask i had downloaded a upload wallet already but im not earning any bat.. No ads is popping up…. Thanks

  8. Hi maam. Bakit hindi nag aappear yung refferal? 🙁 ni reffer ko po kasi sa phone ng kapatid ko. naka install nadin gamit yung refferal link ko?

  9. Hi miss Aiza! Ask ko lang po paano po i-fix pag ang sinasabi pag i-enable yung Ads ay "Sorry! Ads are not yet available in your region"?

  10. hi po maam….tanong lang po aq f bakit po unavailable po ung ads saking browser….? unavailable daw po sa region q …sna po msagot nio… slamat po

  11. NICE PO Kahit I titry ko Palang po Pero na ka basi Ako sa mga comments legit Naman 😊…im your New Subcribers …Thanks Ate

  12. Matanong ko po ate Aiza? Bt wala napong BAT tokens sa uphold? Please answer my question. Godbless.

  13. Saan po mahahanap yung ads Ate Aiza? wala naman pong lumalabas na ads. I've been using for a couple of weeks. hindi pa rin po ako nag e.earn. Help po 🙂 Godbless

    To do that, click the BAT icon on the Brave Browser then click "Wallet Verify".

  15. Bat po ganon maam brave rewards is not available in your device? Xiaomi redmi 5 plus phone ko android oreo ?
    4gbb 64gb

    Nagawa ko na lahat yong problema ko lang ay
    Bawal daw sa cp ko?
    Wala tuloy ads😥😥 help po
    Na verify nadin uphold ko nag send nako ng lahat yong problem nlang ay di makagawa ng wallet sa brave pag pindo ng create wallet loading lang
    Malakas naman internet ko at nong pinindot ko yong yes im IN creating wallet sabi sorry not available in your device:( cry so sad help ate aiza😥😥😥

  16. Ano poba dapat kong e type para maka sign in? May account na ako, kaso pag lag out ko, nawala. Download brave na namn naka lagay.

  17. mam aiza new subcriber here Pwede po ba ang Philhealth or Voters Id Para sa Kyc ng Uphold ma Verified po kaya sya

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