Dying Light Developer Tools – Updates Teaser

hey guys so the dying light developer tools went live recently and we can already see you getting super creative what you’ve got now though is just the beginning of the tools we’re working around the clock to expand the editor and rest assured we’ve got a lot of amazing features coming your way so take a quick look at what we’ve got coming in the near future then you can see your editor is constantly expanding and we plan to keep you supplied with regular updates so whether you design original content on your own or you use content created by others the developer tools is a great way to experience dying light in a completely new way you

35 thoughts on “Dying Light Developer Tools – Updates Teaser

  1. Let the consoles players get a code for the developer tools and then let us transfer it too our console copy.
    If far cry could do it so can you.

  2. If you want something similar for GTA V, please consider signing & spreading this petition:

  3. Why don't they just call this a map creator and why can't we get in on console, like PS4 and XB1 can't handle the almost last-gen programming? Seriously unimpressed Techland with the entire exp. with your production and marketing style, but Great game by the way! P.S.If i can watch my son do the same thing with Disney Infinity on PS3 and GTAV there is no reason consoles shouldn't get this, oh wait yes there is, so you can charge us over and over for map DLC

  4. I made so many Maps on Console for GTA 5 and Halo…

    I wanna make a cool Map for Console aswell. If it is possible to use Mouse and Keyboard at the PS4 with this developer tool, i will make some awsome maps..

  5. Any chances of the Developer tools for PS4? It would be GREAT. Why only PC gamers can have more fun with Dying lights? Not fare.

  6. I have a question about a weird glitch I'm having on my dying light game you know how all the national outfits have the knee pads and the cargo pants when I updated my game for some weird reason all those kind of outfits are all the same they're all the same exact color and camo and I'm not wanting to complain about it it's just kind of an annoyance I'm having they're not the same way they should be like for example the Canadian outfit it's still got the same shirt but the pants are the same camo as every other outfit the camo is from the Italian outfit again again I'm not complaining it's just kind of an annoyance I'm having cuz all my friends are saying like oh it's the same thing when were on coop

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