[DRP – 02] Ganhando Saldo na Play Store – Google Opinion Rewards

[Music] speak personal beauty that is speak is the Masg and in today’s video the case one more quick tip here of how get a jump on the touch place folks there is a way that we have answer surveys for google and he which makes you have a balance right there in the place top so I want to happen we go there at the playstation store and goes with the download the app or show you how is it probably on this account that I have I’ve noticed a saved no be able to answer the survey because this research what happens is you are walking on site google recognizes that you passed there and through the signal from gps everything he tells you to have samba this modification of a new search you answer him the survey and at the time return return so let’s go to the store so we can see how do you download it personal phase here at the store you can believe here or by hello hi that they you will fall into this app even bank is fit he will appear a loot and this is application you have to download that the google tire the defendant a and will click on it installed very simple very quiet there are some others here that I have tested but this one is the bread that works better person will do the check and how you can see who will click here in april already gives that the information also in the credit to buy anything from kiss free music a myth that within the google store and you can use the balance from ifa he can pass this one on this part he will verify your account that good that he is already going to give you here at case I don’t have research either answer because i already did and that how can you see my salt as I use you want to share with friends he don’t have that thing with the baby in other apps that gives you a return but it’s great to see and click here you come back play story too arrives clean as a water epic by example the new any not doing here I bought it all using the targets I was mistaken 40 reais and here in the case I was able to buy it at this price me here also has an accent of 24 everything Click here for you when you buy he will show you here my credit card and have a bounce so so he goes what will apply a balance a and will take the rest you can afford with card or else you expect to join the spent around 16 months to put together about forty reais here because it takes very much consider your activities do or so for example is the case when i was him at the mall for example he came location of pieces are not you in the store such answering a question about the store or then it will happen yes you watch a video on youtube any there he sinks there and asked you watched a video albums then you make a relationship about that video something else I don’t know if there’s any new here with paid content here now for example you inside the game or even throwing an ash you can use those over there to buy a package one improvement so so all these games android most of them had a way to the store and for you to use the jump so it’s good for you to be able able to buy the package buy a expand anything and it will help you there and it helps too because you don’t have to spend your own money so you help the side butt he gives you one financial return from the other the tip is this same hope you guys have enjoyed the video anything short and channel shares and is a really quick tip and sign up and leave your comments and until next time everybody is talking good here who is speaking is the mazembe and in today’s video is one video dedicates one more quick tip here for you what happens there are within the beauty staff that still talks so basic and today I’ll bring more a tip for you on how to get

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