Dropping an iPhone XS Down Crazy Spiral Staircase 300 Feet – Will It Survive?

what is up guys – techrax here in this video we have a perfectly working iPhone 10s I want to show you guys there's not a single blemish or crack on this phone here's the front here's the back 10 out of 10 condition look at it's just literally sparkling what we're gonna be doing in this video is really simple we're gonna be dropping it off this spiral staircase and hopefully it's gonna land at the very bottom you guys can see there's a little black square way down below but here's the perspective from the top there won't be any case on the phone guys this is just gonna be a simple drop so this is going to be very interesting what happens to the phone if it survives I'm gonna have to have a camera at the bottom hopefully you'll be recording and everything will be in smoothly so without any further ado guys let's get straight into this okay guys the moment of truth iPhone 10's really nervous about this but I'm gonna hit a record here it's gonna be on slow mode just so I can maybe get some sort of video and there you go as you can see here we go in 3 2 1 that was crazy loud I don't know where it landed but we just located the phone guys this is actually on floor 9 and I want to show you guys the damage here just from the back this was a brand new phone and now look at the condition surprisingly the camera looks normal but man I hope I can get that footage so basically the only thing I could do at this point is just tap the phone and it turns on I can't unlock it I can't hit the power button okay guys now we've got a different iPhone 10s we actually put it in an Otterbox case and we want to do the same drop test but see if we can actually hit the bottom of the floor last time it was around the 14th so at the same location once we do that if the phone survives we're gonna take it out of the case and do another drop test same spot same location guys so this is gonna be interesting to see again the iPhone tennis in the case first let's get straight into this there we have the iPhone 10s when we hit record it's in the case let's go ahead and do it whenever you're ready oh yes we literally got it through everything yes okay guys let's go to the bottom and check it out and just to show you guys weren't for three we're walking down and this is where the iPhone landed so it's out of the case and it's cracked it does got a crack right there oh my goodness first of all let me woah what you got to be kidding me what how does that even happen the whole phone is two pieces okay interesting guys let me go ahead and try and push it's hot in his hot definitely not turning on this thing just completely came came out disconnected everything start using some tools here to try and pry it open there you go almost there 20 minutes later yes we can finally see oh my goodness guys both the case in the phone just absolutely destroyed what the heck top back is literally in perfect condition there's no crack no shatter not a single shatter on the back display but look at this the front completely popped out just the seal completely broken battery looks traveled up horrible condition so that wraps it up guys hope you guys enjoyed this video still kind of shocking to me I've never seen something like this to where you know the front is cracked it's in a case which first of all I thought the phone would completely survive for some reason but the phone just obliterated inside one of the strongest cases and you guys could see the bottom here just completely apart fortunately I was able to retrieve that video but that pretty much wraps it up thanks for watching guys as always stay tuned for more videos and nice out

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  1. TechRax:"HOW DID DIS HAPPEN??!!"

  2. Fuckin stupid. Come up with your own shit and stop copying everyone else. Oh I’m gonna destroy an iPhone because everyone else on YouTube is doing it.

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