100 thoughts on “Drone Strike Death App Blocked From Apple Store

  1. They denied it because they knew that neocons and establishment shills would be opposed people knowing how many people we are killing on a daily basis in other countries without due process or warrants. People will say these strikes are 100% justified and that we are only targeting terrorists, yet those same people are against credible information on those same drone strikes. It's really sad when the act of killing these people isn't objectionable in the eyes of the public, but informing people about the killings is what's objectionable.

  2. There's a site where all of the registered births and deaths around the world pop up on a globe. I feel like when it comes to the drone strikes though, it doesn't make sense for them to want to hide the stats when all you have to do is google how many citizens the military has killed since 2004. Then consider that the vast majority of those deaths come from drone or air strikes that were committed because of false information and ignorance. You can even find videos of different disastrous strikes on youtube, including one where a camera crew was killed because their filming equipment was mistaken for weapons. Whether it's drones, helicopters, bombers, fighter jets or whatever, it's way more difficult to hit your target from the air when most of the time you probably don't even know what you're shooting at, especially if you're behind a screen controlling a drone like it's a fucking call of duty. If my whole family who had nothing to do with anything militarily was blown up and dismember in front of me for no reason, I'd be pretty pissed off too. That's how you create groups like ISIS and when you continue doing this shit it only makes them larger and more powerful.

  3. I have an android phone and the app is permitted on play store, sigh I knew there was something special bout Samsung (android).

  4. Just downloaded it on Android and it's awsoooome, f*CK u apple! Anyways I don't understand y drones R being sent over!!!??

  5. It almost sounds cynical that they shut down that App since it is not "entertaining".
    It reflects a gross lack of respect to those who died from those drone strikes – particularly all the innocent civilians amongst them.
    Too bad their senseless deaths did not "entertain" the staff at Apple responsible for this terrible decision enough.

  6. I used to be an operations intelligence mission manager for an Air Force unit who ran UAV missions. I could not help but notice that not only strikes the media reported were not part of what America was doing (read: completely falsified) but UAV operations we did conduct were rarely reported. Telling the public information on strikes one way or another was not something the military can do since tracking UAV ops would give targets an edge in evasion. I doubt this app can actually do what it claims, so I have no problem with it, but I see why Apple would be concerned for their own liability.

  7. Doesn't surprise me. Fuck Apple and all you brainless Apple zombies. Android Master Race Forever! And as a side note, Android does have the app available, not that the TYT anchors can benefit from that since they're all Apple loyalists to the core… or that they even bother to acknowledge that Android has it.

  8. It is insane that at NO POINT did Ana EVER mention it's available on the far superior Android network. Has she even HEARD of Android? Or is she so locked in on her fucking iShit that she doesn't even acknowledge its existence?

  9. This certainly isn't new but it is quickly becoming the norm. This is similar to Google/Youtube's change in policy regarding advertising income on video's it finds not inline with "advertiser-friendly content".

    This change basically gives them blanket coverage on censoring information Google or those in a position to apply pressure to Google to shut down channels that rely on the income from advertising to continue daily operations.

    However those that care about informing and being well informed will find ways to circumvent these attempts at censorship. In fact all this really does is shine a light on those that would seek to deny our basic right to simply know the truth.

  10. Isn't TYT even going to acknowledge that it's available in the Android store? Oh right! It's not apple therefore TYT doesn't give a shit. Gotcha!

  11. There is one where you kill people, but telling the truth about people's families is violent This is disgusting SHAME ON YOU! apple Reminds me of the whole foods prison labor scandal, like what??!???!! How is this a thing?

  12. This kind of information can lead to revolution as people wake up on what is going on daily. Freedom to Americans is like a bird in birdcage.

  13. Feel free to call me a bit naive (I'm European, forgive me) but might the reason why the app got pulled be because the information wasn't genuine or at least was perceived that way by Apple?

  14. Ana: "It is useful"

    Really an app that tells you about what happened to others in a far away country, thats useful? I'm pretty sure it's called the news. Also who cares? I certainly dont want to constantly hear about people I dont know dying so thats why its useless.

  15. when you're not sure if they hate us for our freedom or because..

    1-we steal their resources
    2-Install puppet dictators
    3-fund their enemies
    4-Or drone bomb their children

  16. Definitely thought, from the title of this video, that this was an app Obama has implemented to incorporate crowdsourcing into the fight against ISIS.

  17. Americans are fat & dumb. They're like autistic overweight children who get violently beaten at home and so they beat up the new foreign kid to make themselves feel better and everyone else at school despises them

  18. How would we know if the numbers are accurate? This is the only reason Apple should be allowed to ban this app, if the numbers are correct, then Apple is WRONG.

  19. Fact: Anyone who pays $650 for non functional eye candy like an iphone won't give 2 hoots about people being butchered illegally.

  20. This app will be used by America's enemies to recruit new terrorists. They'll say 'look what the Americans are doing, killing all these civilians.' This is a recruiting tool for ISIS, Al-Qaeda and any other organization that has America in its cross-hairs. Get real. The world does not need to know everything the American military does.

  21. Apples requirements to be on the App Store are ridiculous. You can't link to your own website if you can buy things there – all purchases have to be done through Apple. You can't mention "third parties", especially Google. That's just two examples. My impression is that they seem to think of apps on the App Store as THEIR apps, not something created by the community. Apple is a horrible company.

  22. Anyone else wondering why he didn't put it on Google play store ? Does he not know that soon Google will own everything.

  23. But, from where is the information, the app uses coming from? Is it already available from government sources somewhere online? Is it a group of translators, watching local somalian and yemenian television all day?

  24. The problem is that Americans themselves dont know that they belong to a War-Criminal-State …..the entire world knows, yet americans dont XD

  25. I would throw my Iphone 6s in the toilet and piss on it in protest, but it's water resistant and then I'd be the to one have to clean the piss off of it.

  26. You know those magazines that cover real life murders and stuff? Do they get apps allowed? Genuine question. I guess my point is that Apple might ban apps that discuss information on the deaths of real people. They can't consent to it, for instance.

  27. Oh NOW you have a problem with them not accepting an app… But when someone made a top down shooter where you shot rapists, you where okay with that being taken down from the google-marketplace cause "it implied gays to be rapists"… Give me a break, either you are for free speech or you arent. And if you are, you either are okay with companies choosing what they advertise and dont advertise or you arent. Thats what it is, Apple doesnt advertise that app, thats all it is.

  28. Apple and their locked down bullshit disappoints, unsurprisingly, once again. I would definitely block this app if the accuracy of the information was highly questionable — if they provided no sources for their information, or their sources were significantly dubious — but, Apple did not cite any such reason. Indeed, the app is not entertaining. That's irrelevant. Is it useful? If the information is accurate, then it's entirely useful. People should certainly know how often their government is killing innocent people. How else would people ever reel in the government when it starts to get out of control, if they don't even know it's happening? (Some would argue that it's been out of control.) If the information is inaccurate, then it's only useful for deception, and should be censored, in my opinion. But Apple did not give misinformation as a reason for their censorship. This kind of shit is why I don't buy Apple products. Apple has always wanted control of everything, when it comes to your use of their products.

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  30. their argument possibly could have been that if someone made the app as a jingoistic "patriotic" app which played the star spangled banner whenever a terrorist got iced, or whatever, and thus celebrated death, then to allow the app to exist as something identical but differently politicized would be taking a political stance.

  31. America reflect poorly on itself. There should be an app created for every major issue our government has fucked up on, education, gun control, health care and drug pricing, incarcerations, war, ect.

  32. Apple MEANS other people decide what you have to choose from…

    This is their whole BUSSINESS model, and why they exsist as a brand..!

  33. This right here solidifies my list of reasons of why me and my family doesn't own an apple product. Always said they would dumb you down.

  34. after 9/11, defense department and NSA can demand corporations to pull any content they don't like. isn't this true?

  35. That's so fucked. The government coerced Apple into doing it cause they don't want the citizens to know how many people are being killed by the US and drones.

  36. yep, and the you guys were in favor of apple pulling other apps you dont like. People who had that idea pretty much made this an easier decision for Apple to make.

  37. Never ever bought an Apple product in my life. I knew from the get go that iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc. are bullshit and that company is bullshit. I have certain principles I live by one of them is "Don't believe the hype".

  38. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple is having their arms twisted by the government just they did before when they were forced to record metadata on all their users before.

  39. Obviously we can't have a well informed public. This is not a democracy guaranteed a free press after all. Now gotta go download my 10th fart app.

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