dotCMS: Which Browser to Use

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which browser should I use to update websites in the dotCMS platform? This is kind of a mixed bag answer, but the
default browser that you should use is Chrome because it is the least buggy of all of the
browsers that are currently available. That said, it does still have some bugs in
its system that don’t allow for full functionality within the dotCMS platform. So for example, if I want to edit a photo
that is on a webpage, I am not going to be able to do that in Chrome. I’m going to need to do that in Firefox and
I’ll show you why here. I’m going to click to edit this container
of content on this webpage and I’m attempting to click on or select this particular image
and I’m not being very successful. What I needed to do is show that blue background
with the radio buttons and then if I select the insert an image button, it should show
me all the details related to my image, which it is not. So I need to use Firefox as my secondary and
backup browser or editing content in dot CMS because, for this specific error and issue,
I can click into this container of content in the Firefox browser and click on and access
that image immediately as soon as I make that selection. And then I can select my insert edit image
button, and all of my detailed information related to my image is showing on the screen
to make edits to. And that’s the reason why you need to use
Chrome and Firefox as the two browsers for editing content in DOT CMS.

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