Doctors for Development

challengers are huge in Sierra Leone with the healthcare system there's lack of public funding a huge lack of medicines thing that is most shocking almost as war as they are and limited as the services are people have to pay it's disconcerting that they can be such a huge difference between developed and developing world medicine you see just how little people have and how limited a service they put up with the role that we have in hospital is in providing service on the wards looking after the observation ward and female infectious disease ward and sometimes filling in elsewhere we also work in the department course called health where we see a variety of school-aged children VSO have introduced very small portable ultrasound scanners in the community to detect problems early I've seen a huge increase in knowledge of the midwives capacity to be able to scan well before nothing I guess walk in the city with its guy and feel easy succeed okay but now with this can to have this level this what every simply mama and he became working with the local health care work because in the hospital has been an absolute pleasure they are extremely easy people to work with and grateful for the support which we give them possibly my job I guess is to infuse people and find medicine interesting and exciting we've really strengthened the outpatient department helped also in the word rounds they lessen the burden to national doctors improve also the healthcare could have more doctors more good quality we share ideas we communicate together for the benefit of the patient and the most fun thing is actually working with the local people learned so much culturally we can say much from them we have such a good laugh I think partly should be a social the RC GP isn't in a position to support us so directly in this country so it's logical for them to partner with VSO who have themselves got local relationships with the Ministry of Health and so on that helps us to find a role that fits in with the needs of the province and the country and not simply what we think would be useful it's been challenged but also built as as people and professionals it's an experience which are not glad I participated in and I might well look at doing something similar in the future I hope that we can make a difference to some people's health and improve the local service go on improving after we've left

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