Displaying Systems with the System Browser in Revit MEP 2011

The System Browser lists all the element
connectors in a Revit MEP project. Open this tool from the View tab using the
User Interface drop-down. Note that element connectors are grouped by
discipline if they have been assigned to a
system, or placed in the Unassigned category
if not. Elements and their connectors must be
assigned to a system in order to be included
in calculations and other analysis. You can right-click a column heading to
customize the display. For example, you can show all disciplines,
or just the one you are working with – in
this case, Mechanical. The Column Settings option also lets you
control which information displays for each
discipline. When you right-click a connector or a system
in the list, and click Select, Revit MEP
selects that item in the current view or
opens a view containing the item. If you place elements in your model, but do
not assign the connectors to a system, they
are considered unassigned and are grouped
under the appropriate default system. While working with the System Browser, you
can reposition it on the screen as needed. As you create systems, add equipment, and
further modify the systems, the System
Browser dynamically updates to display the
current state of the systems. To improve performance as you work in the
building model, you should close the System
Browser when you are not using it. The System Browser may also be used to show
space and zone relationships. If you are using heating and cooling loads
or exporting to gbXML, you can use the
System Browser to verify that all spaces are
assigned to a zone.

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