Discover Thom Hartmann Program YouTube Channel and what is on offer

Welcome to the Thom Hartmann Program YouTube Channel I’m live right here, Monday through Friday Noon to 3pm eastern and there are plenty of clips from earlier programmes to see as well. Please join the channel as a subscriber which means you’ll be notified of any new videos and also when the program is live on YouTube. Once you subscribe, check out some of the videos and playlists, there are over 10,000 videos here to choose from you’ll find plenty to keep you busy and hopefully amused too The video buttons will show you everything We upload four of more video clips from the program every weekday You’ll find plenty to choose from and you can comment of them as well and exchange views with other subscribers Thanks so much for by Do it the handy dandy subscribe button right now which also makes this video go away And welcome to the Thom Hartmann channel on YouTube

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