Digital Makeup Software – Easy to Use, FREE Download!

Want to look more glamorous in your photos? See how easily PhotoDiva can bring out your
beauty with digital makeup! Once you’ve opened your picture in PhotoDiva,
switch to the Makeup tab to see all the tools and their extensive palettes. First, pick the color of your lipstick. Go with a pale shade, or try on a bold color
– all depending on your taste and color type. Drag the Amount slider to the left or to the
right to set the color saturation. Add some shine if you want your lipstick to
have a glossy finish. Now pick the color of your blusher. Apply a tender sand, a gentle terracotta,
or a playful rose tint to make you look more healthy. Adjust the Saturation, then choose the pattern
of the blusher to better compliment your face. Let’s try contouring! Use the bronzer to darken certain areas of
you face for a slimming effect. Choose the shape of the bronzer that suits
your type of face. Change the Amount of the effect so that your
face doesn’t look dirty. Now, the highlighter. Apply it to all the right places to look fresh
and well-rested. Choose the shape that looks best on you. Now it’s time for eyeshadows. Toy with the software’s palette, set the
saturation, and pick the shape. If you can’t find the eyeshadow color to
your liking, pick any shade from the spectre on the right. Repeat the actions for the lower eyelids. Click the Original button to see how drastic
the change is. You can also view the original and the more
glamorous picture side by side if you click Compare. Are you eager to try it yourself? Then download PhotoDiva for free and beautify
your pics with its many breathtaking effects!

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