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48 thoughts on “Developer Update | Upcoming Social Features | Overwatch

  1. Just came back to the game and was wondering what this was all about. Sadly I don't play quickplay or competitive, only vs AI. So I don't think I'll ever get an endorsement. Oh well I guess that's what I get for having anxiety. I'll forever be known as that person with 0 endorsements 🙁

  2. the group option is bad on xbox because everyone puts something like 18+ mic needed in quick play or AI, so i just say that mic is optional for my groups

  3. new hero select zuccs, you jumbled the heroes together, making it difficult to see who is where like putting the 2 worst Offense and Defense heroes together

  4. Story: I was playing Ana. There was a Genji on my team. Both of out ults were ready. I used it on him. What did he do? He teabagged doing nothing. I messaged him, and then I got suspended from communication for a week. And this is my first day. I don't like genji.

  5. The endorsement system changes nothing about the gameplay, they need to work on something that helps out the players like stop nerfing and buffing characters that dont need it(mercy, moira, symmetra)

  6. Overwatch team: Ok guys lets give these ppl long awaited things its time for a new defense hero

    Random worker:what if we just remove the defense category

    Jeff kaplan:Ok guys we reworked the categories

  7. since this update, my endorsment level was 4 since im honestly a really kind and fun person, but when i started getting good at widowmaker, ppl were accusing me of aimbot and reporting me for it, i am now endorsment level 2.. im not at all blaming you for putting this feature in, i enjoy it! its just ppl dont beleive me. is there anything i can do about this?

  8. Endorsements are a gimmick, in the video, they say you are going to reward those who have high endorsements but you have a Endorsement Decay function going on. Despite getting Endorsements and winning games, I still bounce backwards from 3 to 2. I got an endorsement, and at the same time I got my Endorsement level reduced. Kind of counter productive. What is the deal with that?

  9. If my eyes rolled any harder, they would have fallen out of my head and onto my keyboard. Okay folks, I'm about to burst somebody's fragile bubble. The toxic players didn't clean up, they didn't start playing better or start behaving because of new social tools. They simply aren't there anymore. Where did they go? PlayerUknown Battlegrounds and Fortnite. When they come back, you'll notice, I promise.

  10. I love the endorsement feature 🙂 It feels like giving your teammates an added pat on the back.
    Just as an idea though (and I know ppl have mentioned that a lot before): could you maybe add certain social features, for people who play on European and Asian servers? Almost nobody uses mics there, probably because the different languages just make it sort of hard to coordinate. Some easy ways to say "come with me" or "stop" or similar easy phrases would be highly appreciated.

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