Developer Update | Happy New Year | Overwatch

Happy New Year everyone!
This is Jeff from the Overwatch team. Everyone here at Blizzard wants to wish
you the happiest of New Year’s. We thought it would be a great
opportunity to take a few minutes to look back on what 2017 was all about. We had so much fun working on
the game during that period. If you remember, the year started
when we released the Oasis map which was really cool because it came
so soon in January and everyone had a lot of fun playing on Oasis having a
new control map for the first time. Later in the year we released
three brand-new heroes. We had Orisa, Doomfist, and
finally Moira. So, I think they all worked out
really well, we’ve gotten a ton of good feedback, people have
really enjoyed playing those heroes, that was a lot of fun. The other thing that I particularly
enjoyed out of 2017 that we worked on was a bunch of new game modes. I know we had said we were never
going to make Deathmatch but then we added it to the game and it
turned out to be a ton of fun. We added that Château map which
was I think a blast for Deathmatch. And then we also worked a lot
on those Elimination modes and added a bunch of Arena maps
to the game. So, that was a lot of fun, in addition. Plus, we had some great
Animated Shorts last year and the feedback on those was really amazing. So, I think all in all
2017 was a great year. In addition to the stuff I
mentioned, there were so many other bits of content and features. Now I know what you’re
all wondering is “Hey it’s 2018, now what do we
have look to look forward to from the Overwatch team?” And we’re super fired up for this
year, there’s a lot of stuff that we want to address. Obviously, the stuff coming more
immediately, as we’ve mentioned before, we have all those great
Overwatch League skins coming soon that you’ll be able to get in the game. So, those are going to look
great and be fantastic. Plus, the start of the
Overwatch League is going to be incredibly exciting. The Preseason was amazing. We had so much fun watching
the teams that I think the season is going to be fantastic. We’re going to release
Blizzard World very soon and I think that map is one of our best. Not only is it a gorgeous map with tons
of great Easter eggs in it but we’re also trying a lot of different
things with the gameplay in certain areas of how we handle
the level design, that I think will make for a really fun
and competitive hybrid map. Now beyond that there’s
a lot of stuff in the works. So, I’m gonna be vague about
some of this because I can’t reveal everything that we’re working on,
but obviously one of the things that is most important to us is heroes. Overwatch is a game about heroes and
we are well along the path on hero #27. We think the hero is going to be awesome. We think the hero is very needed. The hero, we’re not really sure exactly
when the release date is, the release date is less important
to us than getting the hero right. We have the hero in internal testing
and so far we’re having a ton of fun and we’re making
a lot of great progress. We’re also thinking about heroes
beyond hero #27 as well. There’s some great new maps in the
works also, that you will learn more about in the future. We know the things that you guys love
our new heroes and new maps. Beyond that we’re going to continue to
work on improving Competitive Play. Now I know this is important to
a lot of players for a lot of different reasons and I sort of want
to talk about our strategy a little bit. On the one hand, we feel
like as each season rolls out (new season of competitive)
we want to make good, short-term, strategic, and
tactical fixes to Competitive Play to improve them. So, for example as Season 8 is starting
we’re removing the performance-based skill rating metric from players
who are Diamond and above. As an example, that was something
that you gave us a ton of feedback on. We’re listening and we’re gonna make
that change; we see that as a very like short-term change. Now long term we keep listening to
feedback and talking internally about what do we want Competitive Play
to be like, ultimately? And as the year goes on we want to
kind of evolve our plan for what Competitive Play looks like over the
long term of Overwatch and does it take a different shape or form? And that’s still to be
determined but I just want to share with you some of our
thoughts and some of what we’re working on here at Blizzard. The other things that are going
on is we want to continue the story development of Overwatch and
we’re talking a lot about how to further the storyline that we’ve been telling. We’ve been talking a lot about
you know Winston’s recall that went out and how different people have
responded to that. I think you saw how Mei responded
to the recall in Rise and Shine and how Reinhardt responded to
the recall in Honor and Glory. That’s a continuous storyline
that we want to explore and we hope to do that through both our
Animated Shorts and comics as well. Those are things that were really
invested in and have a lot of passion behind. The other thing that we’re
putting a lot of time into is our upcoming events. So, as you guys know
last year for Lunar New Year it was Year of the Rooster. Upcoming, very soon is Year of the Dog
will be this year’s Lunar New event. There will be more details coming
out about that, but I think that there’s some pretty significant content
that players are going to be very happy with and some other stuff that we’ve
been listening to you give us feedback on that we’re gonna make changes on
during that Year of the Dog event. We’re also planning what is
to be the next iteration of Uprising. Uprising was the lore-based event
that we ran in April of last year and we know that Uprising should
return for players who never got to experience it in the first place, but we
want to evolve it and we want to put more thought against what
that event could be. We have a lot of really big ideas
and we think that’s going to be a lot of fun for players as well and also
we like celebrating the anniversary of the release of the game. Last year we had all of those
dance emotes that we released one for every single hero. We know that you’d be very upset if
there wasn’t another chance to unlock those dance emotes. So, the Anniversary Event will be
coming back, along with everybody’s favorite which are Legendary skins
and all of these things. Speaking of skins, the feedback that
we always get from the players is “We wish you would add more content to
the base non-event loot box” and coming up very soon, hopefully, sometime this
month will be a ton of new content into that base loot box,
that should feel really great. You don’t have to worry about it being
time limited behind any event that will be available you know from
here forward; you’ll always be able to have access
to that in Overwatch. So, we’re really looking forward to
the year, I’m only sort of touching the tip of the iceberg in terms
of things that we’re working on. We’re really excited to continue to
make the game great alongside of you. So, we will give you way more
detail than I’m giving you on all this stuff right now. We’ll go way more in-depth as we get
closer on all of these things but just know that all of us here at
Blizzard and everyone here on the Overwatch team is committed to making
Overwatch as great as it can be for you every single day and it’s going
to be a fantastic 2018. So, Happy New Year everyone
and looking forward to making another great year alongside of you.

100 thoughts on “Developer Update | Happy New Year | Overwatch

  1. Why can't you change Mercy's ressurection be cancelled if she get damage by anything this cancelling her animation and also loses her cool down

  2. I agree with literally everyone else – please please please PLEASES stop nerfing mercy! either leave her the way she is right now on live or even better, revert her back to 1.0/1.2, with or without invulnerability! please! everyone wants this besides pro dps players! they’re just salty that their 5 man high noon didn’t get potg because they didn’t kill Mercy!

  3. There are about 1 million and 1 comments in this comment section asking to bring back old mercy and I am one of the

  4. Everyone who wants the old mercy I am with you including all mercy mains I wanted to main mercy but these continuous nerfs are ruining it so until blizzard starts to see the light and brings her back we're going to have to find a way to play this terrible mercy FOR ALL OF HEALER HISTORY AND ALL MERCY MAINS WHO'S WITH ME

  5. Thank you for bringing back events we missed. I bought the game this christmas and got really into the lore after I bought it. It made me a little sad to realise afterwords that I actually wanted the stuff in the "Game of the year"-version of the game but what can you do… It does make me extremely happy though to get a chance to play the uprising event, I'm a sucker for lore-based stuff in the game!

  6. Yo stop nerfing mercy!! I stopped playing every other hero to learn mercy because she was my favorite and I climbed from silver to diamond in season six by playing only mercy and I can’t climb anymore because I don’t want to play mercy because she’s super unfun so please do something better and stop nerfing her

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    경쟁전 10판을 하면 8판이 트롤이 있고
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    특히 트롤이 득실거려요
    메이로 길을 막아 팀이 죽게 한다던지
    한조를 픽하고 적팀에게 죽어준다던지
    그와중 욕을 안하지를 않습니다
    제발 트롤만이라도 잡아주세요

  8. Errrrr….did you know the concussion mine does as much damage as one swing from Genji’s ult? Talk about some bull…

  9. Please stop nerfing Mercy, it's really disgusting to see how far she's come in a negative way. Piece of advice; if you REALLY want to nerf someone, nerf Moira. Her beam distance is outrageous, not to mention how hard it is to kill her. Thanks.

  10. After 5 ranked games in a row getting 3 golds as lucio I can safely say no one playing this game is a functioning human. You have a terrible community.

  11. Hey Blizzard! Can you make an option to increase time & or disable "kick for inactivity" in custom games? That's my only complaint so far! Thank you!

  12. Hi Jeff, I think you should bring back the old mercy because I think mercy is useless with one Rez. I also think mercy is suppose to be meant for big rezs.

  13. Hey guys it’s Jeff from the overwatch team and on this developer update we’ve decided we will be ditching the old overwatch and now we’ll be making all the maps into one huge map and this new game mode will be called battle royal. We hope you will enjoy this mode we worked really hard after seeing how well pubg and fortnight have done and we just want your money and to waste your time so that’s the reason we don’t put out characters as often as us like thanks again

  14. Here’s an idea to gain interest in the OWL. Every player chooses a team to support. If the team they choose wins the league, they get a prize…..skins…..emotes….

  15. Hey Jeff we need a highlight intro and victory pose for Winston that will show off his golden gun. Just saying. He needs one anyways.

  16. Jeff Kaplan is hero’s 27, u know u want him to be a hero’s in overwatch, health: 10000000000, damage: 10000000000, and the abilities are’s Ult and the recharge for her ability is 1 Miller second, #Papajeffishero27

  17. How about these three simple things?

    1. Buff Mercy and never touch her again.
    3. Fix matchmaking

    What’s so hard?

  18. Can you please fix the skirmishes not working on 4v4 Death matches?

    For anyone who doesn't know , whenever I join a skirmish for the 4v4 deathmatch, it will let me select a hero, show the screen for about 4 secs, but then the game will show a glitched camera angle from underneath the map and bring me back to the select screen (and then it happens again)

    (Idk if this is on American servers I'm from Europe)

  19. I have a solution to the so called "one trick" problem. It sounds complicated, but it shouldn’t be too hard to actually implement.

    I think the biggest issue here is the lack of information to teammates on whether a player is actually any good with a particular hero on a particular map.

    My suggestion is that at the select screen each player gets a small colored symbol above their hero portrait based on their win percentage with that specific hero on that particular map. Three colors: green, yellow and red. A hero on that map above 60% win rate would be green, 60% to 40% for yellow, and 40% and below for red.

    For example a player selects Torbjorn on Volskaya attack, which on paper is ridiculous but you see the green symbol above the hero portrait. That means that that player has an above 60% win rate with Torb on Volskaya attack. Conversely if that player has a red symbol with Torb on that same map it would mean that they have a 40% or below win rate with Torb on Volskaya attack. If any player at Masters or above loses a map using a hero with a red symbol that player alone loses double sr (or more) for that match. If this system works you might move the red symbol sr penalty down to diamond but no lower than that.

    The symbol would only come into play after a certain sample size of say 10 to 20 maps. So if you see an attack Torb with a "green" symbol you should just grin and bear it because it shows that that player has a certain skill or strat with that particular hero on that map and he knows what he's doing. And if he continues to use his attack Torb with a red symbol he won't last long at that rank due to the double (or more) sr penalty.

  20. your reporting system is trash! i was banned for being afk and intentionally making my team lose! total rubbish! team mates report me for playing characters that are not meta! total rubbish game if i can only play a few of the characters!!!!! uninstalled trash game!!!!

  21. probably no developer will read what I say here but it does not cost tries dear sir jeff kaplan please insure the ability to heal in the symmetra I do not think even presisa changes much elá is only insults the ability of healing in the turret of her functioning so wherever an injured ally in the turret area she fires a healing beam that would restore allies would be very useful.
    If you have read this I thank you very much and you are doing a great job.

  22. jeff you have a error in the game where a player is active but gets a 10 sec count down an can you bring down briggets time for healing otherwise shes more tank or dps

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