70 thoughts on “Detroit: Become Human – Countdown to Launch | PlayStation Store

  1. Man they're really hypin this up pre release as much as possible. Hard not to get hyped up even if you wanna stay skeptical beforehand when everything looks amazing.

  2. So we're playing I robot? Just model someone after will smith and this will be game of the year. Only joking of course, can't wait

  3. This game isn't worth 60 bucks. A 12 hour movie isnt something i want. I'll wait until its 10 bucks at least. 60 bucks should be at least a 20 hour experience. And replaying the same story for different finales dosent count.

  4. Been waiting for this since i saw it during E3 2016 Sony confrence i like the theme of it and i hope it will be amazing as it looks.Can't wait to play it

  5. Can’t wait for this game! Pre ordered right after I played the demo. Cannot wait to see more of this game and it’s story.

  6. the population density looks pretty light, but the main characters look very interesting, like they could each have their own solo games

  7. Well sometime I have a nightmare about those android, think about one day we don’t need a lover and instead an android. That will be disaster 😂😂

  8. How to buy Russian version in USA? I tried everything- changed personal settings, ps store settings. Downloaded demo – there are only English, French and Spanish. Help!

  9. So wait, it comes out on the 24th's midnight or the 25th's midnight? Like, or when it becomes midnight on the 24th it's technically the 25th or is this coming out on the 26th?

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