6 thoughts on “Department Of Investigation Slams NYC Homeless Relocation Program

  1. Hey Dip Blow nose…we are well aware of the homeless you shipped down to North Carolina from your hole. Btw…use your real name.

  2. Didn't Deblasio take $1+ Billion over 4 years still unaccounted for, less than 2,000 homeless clients still homeless, smh seriously who have been the lobbyist of Mental Healthcare to Deblasio other than maybe The King's Fund? So they drug them retarded put them on the street than send them to other cities? And billions missing? There needs to be a show where cartoon dictators from behind the grave can comment on how politicians comments? Smh basically about $565,000 could have been spent on thrivenyc's clients WHO WERE MOSTLY STILL HOMELESS AFTER THE FIRST 2 YEARS, AND THEY WERE THE SUCCESS STORIES??? WTF in the words of Cartman would illuminati like some grease as they __ honest Americans up the ___ ___ ______? Idk but healthcare is suuuper corruot

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