100 thoughts on “Days Gone – Countdown to Launch | PlayStation Store

  1. Xbox one s digital with the eject button still there is still better than any PlayStation exclusive….

    Said the mindless drone.

  2. I feel like this game is being pushed a ridiculous amount, kind of like how GoW is always constantly celebrated

  3. Yo ya lo tengo reservado hace 40 días, le tengo mucha fe.. En mi canal subí el video cuando lo reserve.. Vamos days gone!

  4. ı wish you guys released more footage on the last version of the game .All of the footage out there is from before you guys started polishing the game

  5. I could get a lot more excited about this game if it was an open world game about bikers instead of another zombie game.

  6. You really think people are counting down to this on the 26th, not sure if it's true but there is a small budget movie that's gonna be ok, might not have heard of it it's called AVENGERS ENDGAME!!!!!!!

  7. Hopefully,there won't be any hot-garbage-pile-smelling lesbians kissing if they ever have a party.😂😂😂

  8. I'm more excited for last of us part 2 after this releases cause I know they gonna announce the release date after this releases

  9. We got World war Z and now This man the age of zombie apocalypse begins…
    ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)▄―⃥ࣱ⃩ͦ᷵⃩⃩‾⃫⃪ࣰࣱࣨᷓ॑⃐⃩᷍ᡁ⃪॑ͦ▰⃪╼

  10. Thanks PlayStation but I still prefer my physical copies of games. 🙂
    Already pre-ordered it from somewhere that isn't Amazon, haha.

  11. So let me get this straight Sony, you want to internally regulate and limit sexual content on your platform so that gaming “does not inhibit the sound growth and development” of young people but content containing gore and extreme violence is OK? Makes sense Sony.

  12. Great timing! Taking off work on Friday for end game since it ends at 2am, and now I have this to play that day. It'll keep me entertained till game of thrones on Sunday.

  13. ゾンビが好きな人間って殺されたい願望でもあるのかね?不思議でしょうがない

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