Day in the Life of a Computer Science Student • Queen’s University

Hello and welcome back to my channel! So, today
I’m blogging as you can tell, and I kind of wanted to have a theme / focus of
this vlog where I try to showcase my life as a computer science student here
at Queen’s University. And the reason I wanted to do this was because one, I
wanted to incorporate more of this aspect / phase of my life before I
graduate, and two if anyone who is maybe considering applying to this program
stumbles across this video they might find it interesting, intriguing, and
useful maybe as to be able to see what a typical day of a fourth-year student in
computer science here looks like. So the plan for right now is that I’m actually
going to the gym to do what people at the gym do, I’ll try to show you what the
gym looks like here at Queens, it’s super nice but I’m also scared of people
getting mad at me for filming them so I’m honestly gonna try my best so yeah
let’s go I guess. I’m walking back from the gym now,
recently I have found that if I keep my workout routine simple enough and to
just running on the treadmill, it keeps me going consistently and I feel like I
don’t have the mental energy right now to kind of come up with a whole weekly
workout routine that I follow every week. So yeah, that’s why I have only been
running. I have this assignment to do for one of my computer science courses, it’s
really cold outside and my hands are freezing so I’ll talk about it when I am
inside. So this assignment is for the same class that, that backpropagation
assignment was that I was showing you that I was doing in a previous vlog and
it is for this course called neural and genetic computing, so now we’ve moved on
to sorry, I was gonna show you the screen but now we’ve moved on to unsupervised
learning networks, and for this assignment we have to implement a
competitive learning network. I’m specifically using the kohonen and
k-means algorithms, currently I have no idea what’s going on, but I am sure that
if I stare at the screen for many hours I can figure something out to hand in. So
yes and here’s my KeepCup, so cute! I’ve got Earl Grey tea
and yeah I’m gonna get started. Morning! Garrett, this is Garrett say hi,
okay, we’re taking you to class today finally. And if you’re wondering why we
haven’t already taken you to class because it’s been like two days, I’ll
explain that when I get home okay just wait,
yeah we’re gonna be late let’s go. Okay so i’m back from class now,
let me explain to you why I haven’t been to that much class this week. Well first
of all, in computer science I feel like there’s not that much class anyway that
you have to attend. I think except for in first and second year because that’s
when you have most of your required of courses. That’s when you have the most
class but in later years like third and fourth year I’ve had a very chill
schedule especially in relative to other programs like engineering or advanced
science program. Like you just don’t have that many hours per week of class and
then as well, within computer science it’s, it’s kind of hard to teach someone
how to code using a blackboard or even a projector, things like that, like coding
and computer science is more of a discipline that you learn through
practice. So sometimes you’ll actually feel like you are wasting time by staying
in class because the teacher is unable to teach you the concepts as well
as you can teach yourself at home when you have practice problems in front of
you as well. And even if you looked in my vlog there isn’t that many people in the
class, and I think that a lot of people just choose not to attend, so yeah. But
obviously if you are someone who knows that you’re not disciplined enough to go
home and actually study the content on your own and learn it, then you probably
should go to class. Otherwise you just, otherwise you’re just gonna
do really bad, but yeah so that’s it. I think we’re gonna go to the gym now and
then after work on my assignment. And I’m done! Wow it feel so good after
like two days of just straight coding. Actually like I actually feel like I
don’t want to look at a screen for the next month, but unfortunately i’ve got other
assignments to do. So that marks the end of this vlog, if
you’ve got any questions related to this program at Queen’s University comment
them down below. Even if you have questions about like other things
related to this topic such as being a female in computer science or what it’s
like learning to code through a structured university program as opposed
to teaching yourself or things like that you can leave me a comment and I’ll
address them. And hopefully I’ll have enough questions that I can address them
at some point in a Q&A video but if not, if you’re the one lone comment I’ll just
respond to you anyway. Thanks again, bye see you next week!

32 thoughts on “Day in the Life of a Computer Science Student • Queen’s University

  1. "the plan for the day is that I'm going to the gym… to do… what people at the gym do" 
    that part was funny. this video was entertaining. thanks for the quality content.

  2. How did you know that you wanted to do this program? Were there other programs that you might've been interested in? I am too, deciding which program to go into, as I have many interests.

  3. I’m a junior in high school that is 16, I’m trying to learn to python and wanna major in either computer science or engineering I’m not sure which one yet. Can you give any tips on what to do?

  4. I heard that Queen’s is a whit dominant school is that true? Not trying to be racist, I just heard a lot people saying this about Queen’s and was wondering if there are any other cultures in the community? Thank you!!

  5. Hey everyone! I just posted a Q&A video about my experience studying computer science at university and talked through some of the questions that were asked here. I linked to it in the description so check it out! 🤓

  6. Hi, I'll be starting computing in queens this fall. I'm from India and I want to know how was your experience socially as well as academically

  7. I'm going to be majoring in computer science this Fall and I have just found your channel. Definitely subscribed and am going to be binge-watching all your videos haha

  8. Just been browsing youtube for cs. I took the first cs course at uni got a A. Supper nervous if I can do it. But if I do not try I already have failed. Got a A and i get the basic concepts down of if, while, for, classes, object, functions, variables, data types, and arrays. Trying to learn the weed out course data structure. Hopefully in 3-4 years I can get this degree.

  9. I remember when I was doing CS in College, I remember staring at the screen for hours and going to the CS Lab working on my assignments practically living there lol.

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  12. hey im a comp science major in africa and lifestyle and routines are definitely different . Courses are very similar though

  13. Coding is like a language, if one isn't taught it well, then the results (the output; applying what's been taught) will show as such.

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    Can u plz guide me.

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