Dataman-48pro2c vs TNM5000 programmer

hi everyone this is a comparison between data man's programmer the data man Perl a 48 pearls to see and this ebay brand programmer TNM 5000 programmer the cost of the data man is very pricey it cost me around $1,300 Canadian or a little bit more and that's with no sockets at all the tmn TNM programmer cost me about $500 canadian it came with them maybe about 14 sockets all different kinds the problem I find with the data man over the TN TM the data man you had to pay for if you do programming t-stops you gotta pay for the one soccer which is fine the T sub socket but if you're doing nad sockets and chips you've got to pay for another socket let's do different sockets so you have to h t sup ned as for the TM its Woonsocket Woonsocket does both Ned and T subs regular t subs 48 pin of course and but the speed of the data man writing Nance is a lot quicker very fast compared to the TM n TM is nice because it has that auto detect feature so it tells you what chip it is that a man that you have to actually type in the chip here you're working with and you have to do some configurations on NAND chips if you're doing a copy straight copy for one ship to another TM is like dummy proof this one just put it in read copy save done overall I prefer the TNM over the data meant both are the data man is excellent but chip the sockets will cost a lot in the long run Dex I was just on the website for a BGA socket maybe six to seven hundred dollars this one I don't even know if it does BJ's but I don't really work with VG's at the moment so this this device is what I'd pick for sure Latia them and yeah this is a pretty good device very fast the dual data mine is fast but the the TM NC it is a good device to copy write copy what are you doing and I also like it because sockets are cheaper the future fight buy more sockets that's nice and one thing I notice about the data mat is the chips have to be really really clean for to do any kind of work on it because it's it's sensitive these things are very sensitive I clean them but yeah you I could take a chip out of here where I won't read it tells me pin 16 is dirty whatever not making contact up stick it in here where you go first try and you would be any questions as I write in the comments

7 thoughts on “Dataman-48pro2c vs TNM5000 programmer

  1. Original manufacturer of Dataman is Slovak Elnec, this is model Beeprog 2C (i think) . Yes, sockets are problem, if they are not in universal category, you have to buy them, no connection schematics available. And they are more expensive

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  3. TNM is an Iranian brand and it has official support, you can find the list of the supported chips at

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