Dangerous Invaders 13 – Monitor eats Python

100 thoughts on “Dangerous Invaders 13 – Monitor eats Python

  1. Dearest whomever cares.Right now the most dangerous perverted invader poisonous merciless OCCUPIER of 21th century threat for all existings,Abu Baker Baghdadi,is waiting to have chance to scape to T!!!Please take a side!?With this Monster or against it!This Devil must be buried before breed thousands more poisonous Evils….!

  2. This is alarmist nonsense designed to get the Fish & Game folks bigger budgets – typical govt tactic to separate you from your income. Don't listen to these Govt shills.

    Pythons & Monitor lizards need 80+ degree temperatures to stay healthy. When temps drop into the 40s & 50s these animals suffer severe respiratory problems and experience huge "die-offs." So don't let these phony Govt shills scare you into believing this nonsense!

  3. I am not surprised by any of the facts stated in this video, the real intrusive species is man. Thankfully life adapts & mother nature will have a solution.

  4. How come people almost always blame an invasive species, it's nothing to do with over building maybe we're the invasive speices.

  5. What the fuck is wrong with people? I don't understand why anyone would want a goddamn python, let alone a monitor lizard as a pet! Such a shame the government has allowed this. Deregulation is not a good thing!

  6. In Hawaii there are so many wild pigs that it is legal to shoot them. Florida state could start issuing permits to kill pythons and monitors. But sport hunters very likely will use that same permit to shoot deer and anything else that moves, so it's a tough choice.

  7. The downsides of being a free country is all kinds of nonsense are allowed to mushrooms,things like non natives animals,florals,pets,illegal aliens,drugs and those nasty comes and stays,well,isn’t its times to correct and changes the mindsets,not everything’s is that simple,let’s think deeper and further,don’t plan means no plan.

  8. There are so many invasive species in this country now and the states where it's happening are SO incompetent in dealing with it, I believe this is 100% intentional. Just like the open borders for humans, these nasty bastards who are infesting governments want open borders for animals too.

  9. Damn pet trade brought all these invasives into America. Pythons, monitor lizards, iguana's. It should be illegal to sell any of this crap in America and a felony. We have to do what Australia did and keep this shit off our shores because all these stupid pet owners release these monsters instead of doing the right thing when they get too big.

  10. When fighting fire with fire becomes monitoring the monitor. Click baiting ain't easy but it's a whole lot of fun.

  11. Sucks to be that baby snake. Just born and already eaten welp that's nature for you.

  12. is this guy for real ?? he is talking about animals that are not even in the video lol i dont see any Nile monitors i see a Blackthroat, i know cuz i own one lol and where is the Bermese?? wrone type of python too lol this guy needs to change professions lol

  13. You turds in Florida are looking for a way to rid yourselves of these satanic snakes.  Well then, why in the hell would you be bitching about the Monitors?  Breed them, you idiots!

  14. When you can't leave your lunch around the kids because your kids could become lunch… for your lunch.

  15. African honey badger will keep the population of monitor lizard and python in check therefore florida needs honey badger

  16. Those are nasty lizards. Sooner or later, they'll start taking family pets. I know on YouTube there's a long clip of one of those killing and eating an adult mongoose.

  17. I wished all cocodriles in florida should be wiped out, a woman walking her dogs, was killed by a cocodrile, her arm was found inside, a dangerous state

  18. drop some male honey badgers off out there and see what a generation of them do to them pythons . they eat pythons . only use males though so they can't breed .

  19. Why would anyone have a problem with monitors eating pythons in Florida? It's not like to have to worry about being killed by a monitor.

  20. This is not a documentary type video… it's all staged. The monitor is a blackthroat, the snakes hes eating are ball pythons, and the one coiled around the eggs is a blood or short tail python(not sure of the exact species). Blackthroats are from east Africa, ball pythons are from northwestern Africa, and the blood/shorttail pythons are from southern asia. And neither ball pythons nor blood pythons have breeding populations in Florida and I domt believe blackthroated monitors do either

  21. Just think if these guys evolve to the point to handle cold weather and move to Nebraska. yikes ! Get the shotgun Pa.

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  23. ok so let me get this straight…the Monitor lizard eats Pythons and Crocodile Eggs. If they also eat Alligator eggs and Gators number in the range of more than 10,000 ….yah Im not really seeing the problem here…

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