Dangerous Invaders 10, Bobcat vs Python

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  1. @aYglr People not only release(d) exotic pets into the Everglades but even dogs, cats and many other animals… some of this domestic animals starve to death or get eaten by alligators…

  2. Stupid, dumb ass Americans, irresponsible pet owners, shame on American CITES and international trade supervision, shame on many many broken things in this fucked up world. It hurts so bad to see so many beautiful native species suffer only because somebody got bored with their pet. And even the python is not to blame-it just acts according to its nature.

    Very good job Ojatro, I liked your videos very much and I am very interested in Everglades case. You got one subscriber more 😉

  3. the bob cat was like "OMG A SNAKE *BitchSlap*"
    the snake was like "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" then runs away

  4. the snake = the man that wants to comeback (relationship) to the bobcat, the bobcat = the b*tch slapping girl who yells you cant have me now get the f*ck outta here 🙂

  5. @Razma666 You are right Raz. Bobs are certainly fearless predators one on one. They hunt and kill animals that are much larger than they are in the wild. They will stay away from people unless you get too close or they feel you are a threat to them. Their bite strength per size is the strongest of all of the cat family, and stronger than that of any domestic dog. Although they are very formidable hunters other predators can and do kill them like the video states about remains found in pytho

  6. mmm… Something is wrong in that scene. The cat seems to be tied or something, you cannot see it complete on both takes. It would have fleed or jumped all around the snake trying to get its neck. Not just stay there trying to keep the snake at bay while it misteriously keep looking and looking at the camera and not the snake…


    It is not fair and not ethic at all.

  7. @ojatro It seems as though the everglades has become a dumping ground for unwanted pets. Of course it always comes down to the people. Actually most animal problems are really people problems

  8. release a bunch of Male Tigers into the Everglades and inject them with a tracking chip… problem solved – Tigers get a buffet and because they're only male's will eventually die off – also they're chipped and can be tracked and captivated if necessary.

  9. This was investigated on some of the African safari filmings; where they set-up a 'kill'.

    To actually wait and watch for a particular 'natural' kill, would take a great deal of time and money. When I see scenes like this: I am not surprised and am always suspicious.

    Yeah, SomeoneCommenting is spot on. Too much of this HUMAN set-up for the 'KILL' happens far too often.

  10. That Bobcat was sure lucky that python wasn't hungry. I mean a Bobcat could probably kill and eat smaller pythons but this size Python… no way.

  11. that bot cat looks exactly like my cat… even does that same hissy face my cat does… wonder what happens why you spray him with water >:)

  12. the thing about bobcat is that they can only prey on python 2 years below since past 2 years python grows to about 10 feet which can eat everything

  13. Really man, REALLY? You think this guy went and caught a "bobcat" and a"python" just to make a video on youtube which he seems to make 100's of? Your comment and all 39 people who thumbs'd it up are insane…

  14. Cats are so stupid, i swear i love cats to death but man when it comes to fighting, they don't know how to do it right. When you see that your enemy has you cornered, you don't just sit there and swipe, you run yo ass away is what you do. Damn cats never run away, just sit there, hiss and swipe. Smh

  15. Why won't the bobcat run away then? When our domestic cat was hunting snakes (yes she really did hunt and kill snakes and ate them) she was working like a mongoose vs snake. She didn't just sit there and take it. She's been bitten ONCE in her younger years probably as she was learning. By the way,this was nothing we could have prevented, we didn't even know before the day she was bitten. But to the topic, if she couldn't win she fled, i know this first hand because i saw it later on.

  16. Is there any video of a snake killing a big cat (tigers,lions,leopards, panthers) in youtube? If you like snakes you can say anything, but facts only show big cats destroying this snakes, even anacondas and pythons.

  17. The python would have eaten the bobcat had it not attacked it. Like every living being, when attacked predators flee. In this case the snake saw no point in eating it if the bobcat was striking it from the beginning.

  18. This is a pretty big python so it does not feel threatened by a bobcat. Maybe an adult panther could harm such a snake. But not a bobcat. So if the python is not hungry, and if it does not perceive a threat, it will just crawl along…

  19. Someone answer this, please, my rattlesnake doesn't like to eat anything he doesn't kill, is this right? Or is something wrong?

  20. Wrong habe you heard about the mongoose and the cobra the small mongoose dodges the venemous cobra every time with its reflexes and agility and with a single bite kills it I do love how the python trying to make a move gets angrily bitch slapped by the bobcat

  21. In Ohio there's a only few beautiful bobcat in the wilds and It's so sad such a strong beautiful cat!! and Thank You so much for the great and beautiful videos sometimes nature is looks mean but yet beautiful but Its Gods way keeping everything in control and God knows best! ..KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!..I love wildlife and nature!

  22. Of course the biggest threat to bobcats and a lot of animals is not a python. It is us. The list is endless and it is via so many ways. Not only direct hunting, but much more in the way of habitatloss and globalwarming. In fact om continents there is not a single species ever gone extinct only by a newcomer. This has been researched extensively (in: all documented cases of extinction) and it has never happened. And the current Everglades are very good (bad) example of habitatloss and hunting…

  23. The point is that the bobcat did not have to be so large as to be able to kill the python. The snake was not looking for a meal and getting stabbed by the claws of a bobcat caused it plenty of pain. It simply left rather than endure more pain and have no gain.

  24. CO2 +global warming are a load of nonsense.To think that this is what is screwing up the Everglades let alone the whole planet is pure Crapola! Be Concerned about real pollution,not a beneficial gas like CO2. The "scientists" who came up with this stupid theory ignored excellent historical information.

  25. That Python is in extraordinarily good condition for one living in the wild.  Those I've encountered have been scarred pretty heavily around the head and some defensive wounds along the body from past meals/encounters.  I also wonder why the bobcat would hold it's ground in that way?  Babies or Den nearby?  All interesting…

  26. courageous bobcat bt unless it has young or some other reason it better get the fuck out of there and leave the snake alone 😀 The reptile stems from a much older and much more brutal world than the furry mammal.

  27. ppl stop trying to say the cat would have any chance.
    If the snake was hungry she would kill it and eat it. 

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