Dangerous Invaders 07, Python vs Rat

100 thoughts on “Dangerous Invaders 07, Python vs Rat

  1. @mlissnemlissne Nope. It's a wildlife documentary with educational purpose edited to fit YouTube's standard. Thanks for watching.

  2. Well it is reasonable the mother's consume there youngs (rats). If they are gonna die why waste your milk and energy and put all the other rats in risk… it is sad and disguisting though…

  3. @TheFrancisFilms Camera like GoPro etc are small enough for such filming. It's only a matter of having access and not disturbing the animals. Thanks for watching

  4. I love rats. idk why people think their disgusting. to me they are just like hamsters with tails.and when the mom ate the baby, i was pissed.

  5. @iWildWolf Rats are quite intelligent animals and I always enjoy working with them. Really cool animals. It might look tough when the mother was eating her you but it was a hard decision she had to mad and it didn't came out that way in the video. Thanks for watching.

  6. DAMN…. At one point i was like woah.. "look at her saving the babies one by one…. shes really smart"…. and then i was like… WOAH, WTF!?! shit, watching it squirm while being eaten was tough… That baby didn't even seem THAT sick… haha..

    So she ate it so that… a predator couldn't eat it?

  7. @ojatro Imagine being a rat and watching your mom and dad eat your sister…… haha.. would you run away from home or just pray your not next?

  8. @overscoreSX No. The rat eat her sick baby so the smell would not attract other predators to endanger the rest of her litter.

  9. at the end of the day, its survival of the fittest, animals don't see things in the same light as humans, its all about staying ahead of the game not being the next meal, reproducing and eating……

  10. @peteman143 If you could only peak through some of those FBI files in the Behavioral Science Unit at Quantico, than you'll understand that Humans are committing such atrocities just as well… The sickening reality of criminal insanity. Thanks for watching.

  11. @iWildWolf I haven't had rats for very long: the one we owned had to go back to the original owner because we couldn't keep it. I also had a friend with rats. They're fantastic animals and just as great as any other hand-raised animal. But when the mom ate the baby it kinda…sickened me. Not because it was a rat, but rather because nature is sometimes not pretty no matter what the species.

  12. mannnn…..i was eating my chocolates from Dangerous Invaders 01 till 6…but in this ep. i finally stop eating….poor lil baby….

    but your Videos are great….

    two thumbs up!!!

  13. It's hard to watch, but people need to realize this is nature. It's all about survival at the fittest and if we were in the same situation, we would do anything to survive.

  14. you cant control rats they have 26 babies a month they have evolved so that even if some do get killed by predators most of them survive.

  15. @WillieWeastly I would turn the question around with the emphasis on where (and what) will the human race been in a thousand years from now.

  16. Man !!! Your videos so addictive !! 🙂

    Its time that you start making longer videos, kinda documentaries !!! Keep up the good work bro 🙂

  17. wowww canibalismo , primera vez que veo esto de una rata mama ' que horror ' le dejo a su hijo sin vida .

  18. The low profile of python makes it harder to most animals to associate it with danger, they let it approach them&some of them have never seen such a thing in the entire short lives until it strikes.

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