Dangerous Invaders 06, Python vs Alligator

55 thoughts on “Dangerous Invaders 06, Python vs Alligator

  1. STAGED tell me how the hell did u find alligator eaten by a python then another alligtor came up and cut the billy of the python then eats them both -_-

  2. @jabba2 gators are scavengers even when they do get a "fresh kill" they will store it under a rock at the water pools floor and wait for it to decay some before eating. you see they enjoy rotting flesh so yea he would enjoy that meal

  3. I don't think that its very uncommon for an alligator to tear its way out of the python after being swallowed, since the gators can survive so long without O2. I can easily see happening "the python thinking its dead when it really isnt, plus gators have very sharp claws and I imagine it wouldn't take much to dig thru the snakes stomach:

  4. It's the Everglade's version of a Turducken. All it needs now is for the Alligator to have eaten a lizard or something. Pygazard!

    Guess what we're having for Thanksgiving dinner, kids! Turducken? Nope. Pygazard!

  5. @username11223344556 There are significance difference between alligators and crocodiles. Take a look at its mouth. An Alligator's mouth is shorter and more stout than that of a crocodile's. Please look at pictures of both reptiles. Pay particular attention to the teeth of both animals and let me know what else you can find out on your own. Thanks for watching.

  6. Karma's a bitch isn't it python? Dam… you ate a alligator alive… it tears you open…. you both die… another alligator eats you both!… i can see what
    's gonna happen next

  7. if the gator hadn't moved, i wouldn't have realized it was there. this could make a really nice "find the hidden gator" picture!

  8. @ojatro shows wat u know ur mistaken twice there it dosent matter if the prey is wet and in this vid the gator ate the phyton

  9. @ThePkarz it draged it into the water because it feels safer in the water a lion can swim but it will not it its prey in the water it will drag it out hopethis helps

  10. @bbyeater There is no distance limit when filming deceased animals, except one needs to be careful not to stay in the way of the attacking predator…

  11. I dont know what to say but compared to the one the python swallowed the other one was a big motherfucking giant I bet the python woudnt dare mess with that one to me the one swallowed was a juvenile not fully grown

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