Customer Spotlight: E-Scrap Application (Premier Surplus, Inc.)

Electronics that are no longer used or decommissioned If you don’t recycle it, it will end up in our landfills and that will be extremely detrimental to the environment also the data security, protecting our customers and their clients is our number one top priority Premier Surplus is running an integrated SSI shred sort system So currently we shred it We do a 2 inch minus on size reduction It goes to a shake table, the fines are brought down The metals brought out It goes to an eddy current where it’s trying to get some circuit boards, some aluminum out and then it goes up to the optical sort system where we’re really trying to get board and plastic separated from each other And then at the end of the line you’re left with a good clean plastic for our buyers and a nice precious metals mix for our processors Industrial shredding and electronic recycling is super important When you get semi-loads of modems and set-top boxes that have to be processed and it’s a daily occurrence cracking them open by hand is not cutting it You need a system that can process 50 to 70 thousand pounds in a single 8 hour shift and to make sure that you can keep up with production So introducing an industrial shredder into our system with the proper sorting technology allows us to bring in heavy loads of material and blow right through them and do all the separation and create a good clean commodity SSI tailor-made and helped us design exactly what we were looking for Their product just last Their easy to work on and maintain Behind me is our first SSI shredder It’s a 1996, 2400E, 200 horsepower shear shredder Its ran millions of pounds of low-grade electronics from printers, copiers, typewriters We still use this shredder everyday and its been a really, really good asset for Premier When it came time to get a new shred system designed and integrated You know we knew that SSI would be a great fit for us They’ve helped us achieve our recycling goals So from the 4-shaft technology to the shear shredding They basically can make a shredder for whatever you want to accomplish So we’re very humbled and honored to actually have so many SSI shredders at our facility working daily, creating a good clean commodity to help us manage our own internal downstream

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