Cultural Exchange and the English Language Fellow Program

My tea friend is Fali, and he has just a little table set up outside of the bus station. And when I walk to the market I have to walk by the bus station, and very early upon my arrival when I passed by his table he greeted me, and he greeted me in English. So I started to talk to him and it just has slowly developed into a friendship and so now he teaches me a few Wolof phrases. Wolof is the local language, the national language, so he’s kind of my personal language teacher, and I teach him a few things in English. You are my teacher in English. I am your teacher in Wolof. One of the most interesting things I did was I spent Tamang New Year with my Nepalese tutor and her family, and we got to have a whole Tamang celebration and went and celebrated with probably 50,000 other Tamang people at the big plaza. And it’s really an amazing way for me to meet a lot of local people and to really feel like I’m making some kind of difference in their lives. And also it’s making a huge difference in my life that I’ve gotten to learn so much about Nepal and living here and just meeting amazing people like on a daily basis.

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