CSUN Early Start Program

♪♪ (Music) ♪♪ Kate Stevenson: Currently, elementary level math tests,
we take the student’s entire body of knowledge in math and we condense in into one exam,
and we place them according to that one exam. What Early Start affords the students is an opportunity
to contest that placement in an authentic way. In a way that demonstrates
their knowledge through their work. ♪♪ (Music) ♪♪ Kate Stevenson: We found that Early Start is the right thing
to do. Its the right thing to do for two reasons. One is because it works. Students do well. They pass up one level when they
take the full three unit class or if they take the one unit class,
they are better prepared for their fall classes. But the other reason why I view it as the right thing to do
is because it’s the fair thing to do. Brandon Toigo: I came in here. I had to do the matriculation
test and I didn’t do so well on the matriculation so they offered me the Early Start. And I decided, like, I’m gonna do that just to learn math,
refresh your memory about it. And at first I was a little skeptical.
I was like I don’t want to do this. It’s gonna waste my summer just doing math but honestly
it really did help me a lot. I definitely would have not been here today,
doing what I can do in math if I did not take that. So it’s a very good process
and I’m definitely glad I took it. Amrita Bedi: In [Math] 92 I took an online course so
it was basically at just home and at the very end, you have to come to CSUN and take your final test. So its definitely helpful taking it because it helps you
get on track or like even go further and achieve your goals faster
because you can take other classes. Like if I hadn’t taken that I wouldn’t be in chem right now. I’m just thankful to the Early Start because if I didn’t take this, I’d still be like falling behind in my classes because
I would have to take classes I don’t need. Kate Stevenson: California State University
has two semesters of remediation for students who score below a certain level
on the elementary level math test. It’s a 34 at California State University, Northridge. So a student can come in requiring either one or two semesters
of developmental math work. So in the summer, we can get students through either one or two semesters depending on which flavor of Early Start they take. Even students who just did the required progress out preformed the other students in their freshman classes. Giselle Reyes: The Cal State Northridge program helped me to improve those small mistakes that were core in math. Because they are really basic knowledge that you
need to know to build on math and being able to improve that helped
me realize such silly little mistakes that I made in the past but are now really important
to me moving on in my education. And now I’m in statistics and I have a GPA of 4.0.

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