31 thoughts on “Critic: Apple’s iTunes Radio is a Pandora knockoff

  1. who is this guy, he really knows little about tread analysis, channel preferences, click analysis. Analyze every song, where does he get this. I worked with pandora when I worked for a leading auto company, sure they do some things right, and a lot of things wrong, perhaps taking some queue's from iTunes will help a streaming radio app. BTW pandora's recent extra charge for listening over 40 hours is alienating a ton of users. especially younger users.

  2. iTunes Radio will have the Apple Genius Engine that they have had for years now that suggests new songs you'll like and recommends songs that go great together. This guy doesn't know what he's talking about.

  3. What makes you say that? I'm only pointing out that Apple has been working out what songs go with other songs for years with genius, which works very well. Also, iTunes radio allows you to fast forward and rewind songs that are playing.

  4. Well the guy that was criticising Apple was suggesting that Apple didn't have anything like that, when they do. And it works very well.
    Goodbye Pandora

  5. Goodby Pandora? That's laughable. Pandora can be accessed on all mobile devices, tablets and PCs. Itunes radio runs on iphones…
    Yea I bet pandora is done now….

  6. iTunes radio runs on Windows, Mac and iPhone/iPad. There are 100s of millions of users who will have access to this service completely free. No apps will be needed to download. Furthermore, not only is the premium service cheaper, but also has more features like putting all of your music in the cloud. Apple have shown that their intention is to put their apps in iCloud (iWork for iCloud) so I'm sure it's not long before we get iTunes for iCloud.

  7. Oh so am I wrong? iTunes radio doesn't have the genius engine then? For years iTunes has had genius and genius mixes (which is basically iTunes Radio except with your songs)

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  9. He says there is no innovation and then says the Mac Pro is innovative. Would you make up your fucking mind you dumb ass. Apple has always unveiled the same stuff at WWDC every year even when Steve was alive. And now that Steve is dead, somehow Tim Cook is ruining the company. This guy is a fucking idiot.

  10. This is a terrible video. iTunes Radio won't be able to match Pandora's functionality because Pandora is older? Apple has tons of data from people buying music from iTunes, and they have their genius recommendations. And F.Y.I the Mac Pro is not a laptop

  11. they always have been copying the competence, as jobs did copying microsofts idea of tablets, microsoft invented the first tablet in 2002

  12. Uh Wrong. itunes radio runs on everything except android. iTunes is one of the most installed software programs of all time, PC and Mac. Pandora is more scared than they let on.

  13. iTunes Radio will not trump pandora for the simple fact that they have to compete with andriod. So all you apple tards need to get off your high horse.

  14. @RoccoPendola you have no idea what you are talking about. you are the voice of the people, with great power comes great responsibility.

  15. I love pandora's music choices. Pandora gives you what you ask for, STRAIGHT! Itunes radio gives you a bunch of links to choose from <- not always a good thing.

  16. pandora ftw i used to listen to itunes radio it used to be good but pandora is on android and this is my new platform so plandora ftw

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