Creating Loved and Top Ratings Playlists in iTunes (#1477)

So let’s say you’re in the habit in iTunes
of using the Loved function to indicate that you love a song. Like, for instance, you can put a little heart
next to a song there and there are many different ways to actually select whether or not you
love a song in iTunes. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to go in and
just have it play songs that you’ve loved in the past. Or perhaps you use Ratings and just wanted
to play five star songs or four star and above songs. You can do this pretty easily using Smart
Playlists. You may already have one called Top Rated
here in iTunes. It kind of comes with it by default. But you can create your own. The way you do this is to go into File, New,
Smart Playlist. You can set the playlist to Match Music from
the Following Rules and go to Love is Loved. You can set it for live updating meaning that
as you love new songs they’ll be added on automatically to this playlist. If you love a lot of songs and you want to
limit this playlist for some reason, you know. a certain amount/number of items you can hit
25 items selected at random. So you can leave that off and hit OK and it
will create this playlist. Let’s click on it here and we’ll name it,
My Loved, and it gives me just the songs that I loved. Now if I go back to Artists here and let’s
go to say another artist and click Love there and go to My Loved you can see it automatically
added that song to this playlist. So this playlist is going to automatically
update. Likewise with Ratings you can do the same
thing. New, Smart Playlist, and you can say Rating
is five stars, or you can change the number of stars there. Or you can say is greater than four, three,
or whatever you want. You can even do In the Range Of. So I could do just Five Start songs, hit OK. In that playlist I’ll name that one My 5 Stars. Now I get ones that are rated 5 stars. So I’ve got these two playlists. The great thing is is these sync. As long as under Preferences in iTunes, Under
General, you’ve got iCloud Music Library turned on and it should work automatically if you’ve
got Apple Music. I use this in Apple Music and it syncs both
ways. So if I’ve loved a song on my iPhone, I find
that when I get back to my Mac it is loved on my Mac as well and it is added to My Loved
playlist. The same thing with anything I do with Ratings.

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