Create Ringtones for iPhone using iTunes – 2017 (Easy Method!)

Hello Friends! Welcome back to a AppleFrendly. This is video # 21 and today, I’m going to show you how you can make ringtones using latest version of iTunes. So first, we will change the song length, then we will create the AAC version and then we will drag that file to Desktop and then we will rename it to .m4r and then we will drag that file, again into the iTunes. This procedure is applicable to both Windows PCs and Mac and if you like the video, do not forget to Subscribe! So, let’s begin! First of all, launch iTunes on your Computer or Mac. Now, go to the top left corner and here, make sure that ‘Music’ tab is selected. This is the default selection of iTunes and if it is not, do it manually. And now tap ‘Songs’ Well, you can select songs from various options like Artists, Genres, Playlists etc. but I prefer ‘Songs’ So now, go and select your favorite song. So, let me select this Broken Glass for this demo purpose. And now, I just right-click the song and I’ll tap ‘Get Info’ Well, the menu pop-ups and now here, you have to select ‘Options’ and now we will change the Start and Stop Time of the Song. So first, let us change the Start Time. Make sure that Check Box is marked. Well, I’ll keep my Start time as 1 minute and now I’ll change the Stop Time and I’ll keep my stop time as 1 minute 25 seconds and make sure that the total length of the song is less that 30 seconds otherwise you won’t be able to make AAC Version. So now, as I’ve changed the song length, I’ll just go and tap OK. Well that pop-up is now closed and now I’ll go to ‘File’ in the menu bar and then I’ll tap ‘Convert’ and then I’ll select ‘Create AAC version’ and as you can see the AAC version is creating… and it has created a new AAC version of the same song with 25 seconds as the total length. So now, we have to take this song and we have to drag it to the Desktop. So, let me just adjust my window and now I’ll just hold the song and I’ll drag it to the Desktop. So, just hold it and drag it to Desktop. That’s it. Now, you have to rename this .m4a to .m4r So, I’ll just right click and tap ‘Rename’ And I’ll change this ‘a’ to ‘r’ Well now, I’ll tap outside. Now there would be an warning, Just tap ‘Yes’. Now before dragging this files to iTunes, we have to delete the Old AAC version from the iTunes, So, let me just right click and ‘Delete from Library’, So just tap it and tap ‘Delete Song’ Then again it will ask you, just say ‘Move to Recycle Bin’ and now we have to revert the original song length of the original song. So, just right click again tap ‘Get Info’ go to ‘Options and now unmark these checkboxes. That’s it. Just tap ‘OK’ Now, go to the top left corner and make sure that ‘Tones’ is selected. Well, some people don’t get this ‘Tones’ option here, in that case you can ‘Edit Menu’ and you can mark this checkbox. So you can mark or unmark based on your preference. So I’ll just mark it and I’ll tap “Done” Let’s select “Tones” now. And now we can drag this file into the iTunes So just hold it and drag it into the iTunes So. as you can see the new file is imported into the iTunes. Now, we just have to connect our iPhone and we have to sync it with the iTunes. So, let me connect my iPhone. Well, now let me close all these pop-ups that comes after connecting your iPhone. So, let me close them and now tab this little iPhone icon here. And now go and select ‘Tones’ Here select ‘Sync Tones’ And now, I’ll select ‘Selected Tones’ and now, here is your new Ringtone that you have just imported. So, mark this checkbox and tap ‘Apply’ and let your iPhone sync with the iTunes So as you can see, the syncing has started and now let your iPhone sync with iTunes. Well, this procedure is little bit longer, so I’ll just skip this step and I’ll come back. Well, now ‘iPhone’ has synced. So, I’ll just ‘Eject’ my iPhone and I’ll ‘Exit’ from the iTunes. Now, let’s open our Phone and let’s see our new Ringtone. So, just launch ‘Settings’ scroll down tap ‘Sounds’ scroll down tap ‘Ringtone’ and there is your new ringtone ‘Broken Glass’ Well, you can use this Ringtone for your call, SMS and other alerts. So that’s it for this video guys. If you liked the video, do not forget to like and share it with your friends. Subscribe, stay tuned and keep the notifications ON for my next videos. THANK YOU!

17 thoughts on “Create Ringtones for iPhone using iTunes – 2017 (Easy Method!)

  1. After I convert my 30 second sound piece to AAC and drag it to desk top, it doesnt show m4a, Im using Mozilla firefox. When I RT click it and select properties at bottom of drop down menu it still shows it as an m4a file and so it cannot be dragged to the itunes folder. now what? Edit: Ok got it now trick is to go to "view" while its in explorer and select the extension selection.

  2. Update: ☝🏼
    Hello Friends! If you’ve updated your iTunes to version 12.7, you won’t find the ‘Tones’ section in iTunes. Here is the updated video;

    What you have to do is:
    1. Create .m4r version of the song as per the video
    2. Connect iPhone to iTunes and tap little iPhone icon
    3. Now DRAG .m4r file to ‘On My Device’ section of iPhone in iTunes.
    4. Now sync iPhone with iTunes

    You should find your ringtone on your iPhone after syncing.

    Share the video if it helps!

  3. hi , can you delete old ringtones from iPhone via phone or iTunes. there are few old ringtones in my backup and i am not able to see in iTunes and not able to delete from iPhone

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