100 thoughts on “Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled – Customization Trailer | PS4

  1. I hope in a dlc they put some Crash Tag team racing characters or from Crash Bandicoot franchise like Nina Cortex, Tawna Bandicoot, Penga Penguin, Pasadena, Von Clutch and more

  2. I love the original, but this remake feels strange… Even on PS4, It looks like a thing of the past… and i'm not talking about graphics…

  3. Did anyone notice Activision name at the end I can smell micro transactions no thank you I’ll just play Mario kart

  4. No micro transactions please. Let it all be earned in-game. I remember beating this game 100% as a child and unlocking all N. Oxide ghosts in the timed trials. It’d be annoying and a let down to see this game sell for 60$ new and then have add-on material for more money.

  5. Activision: THIS TRAILER You: I WAN'T TO PLAY THIS NOW!!! your Xbox or PS4: Fak U you can't play this now!! you must wait only one more month

  6. I see that's the new character icons which can as be used as stickers for your kart as well so they're not doing the 2d character icons from n.sane trilogy after all but instead they'll make new 2d character icons while using the same cartoon artwork from n.sane trilogy for nitro fueled I like it.

  7. Princess Coco skin from Tag Team. I now it's not well liked but nice to see the other Crash kart game get representation. ^^

  8. I hope this game is as broken and exploitable as the old one was! this is like the smash melee of kart racers… everybody Penta Penguin online demolishing shortcuts

  9. 0:37 Is actually a reference to Crash Tag Team Racing.

    oh right. we don't talk about CTTR anymore.

  10. I hope this game had Microtransactions… Would be so awsome! But There's Wumpa Coins, which is awsome too

  11. A lot of the comments are worrying about micro transactions.

    Note: There is no micro transactions all things are unlock-able in game with in game currency which as of now can only be gained with progression. Cant buy in game currency with real money

    please like so people don’t get the wrong impressions

  12. everyone: there is gonna be Micro-transactions

    everyone when the game came out: oh. there is no micro-transactions.

  13. I miss the connecting with each other and shooting your friends that’s behind you gets up all mad and quits the game.

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