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  1. I heard somewhere a bletchley Park bom is equal to 20000 operations per hour it's amazing the phone I'm on is 2.7 billion operations per second I guess you could win the war within half a second if I had a note 9

  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cryptanalysis_of_the_Enigma
    we quickly found the [wirings] within the [new rotors], but [their] introduction … raised the number of possible sequences of [rotors] from 6 to 60 … and hence also raised tenfold the work of finding the keys. Thus the change was not qualitative but quantitative. We would have had to markedly increase the personnel to operate the bombs, to produce the perforated sheets … and to manipulate the sheets.[70][71]

  3. Breaking enegma codes done when actually machine got.its not intelligent work.
    In other side it's said that Nazis indirectly built the machine that next step of computer.
    Why it's said that code braking machine is first computer.whats relations between machine and code breaker.when it's understand it's be help to build the machine that next level of computer.
    Nazis have no time to make and use it but we have.
    We have not serious for because we not built machine and not breakers.

  4. So,the british got the code books and enigma machine,yet they have to decipher it,idont understand 8:25

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  6. the CW messages you hear in the background are actually not encrypted 😉

    2:43 reads: "hello tony quinn"
    3:39 reads "geographi"

  7. what about the Dayton code breakers that broke it after they added a 4th rotor and the English couldn't break it any more?

  8. Amazing, the Brits cracked the German code.They were able to read, in real time, ALL German transcripts. From the highest level to the lowest, most obscure bureaucrat. Not ONE single message, or even euphemism, about the so called Jew holocaust. Seem normal to you?

  9. Why do you call it a "NAZI Machine"? What is the NAZI in this contraption? Would it also be a NAZI machine if it was invented by the US military or the Brits? Were there NAZI ideologies in the hardware? Was there a NAZI mindset in Turing that has enabled him to understand and crack the code? There wasn't even a Hookencross on it. Bah. Smear your NAZI everywhere, makes you appear so politically aware.

  10. Apparently Colossus generated so much heat that the WRNS (wrens) would operate the collosi in their underwear.

  11. Coordinated with Bletchley park, the British would send a message in the clear stating which Ocean grid references would be mined from aircraft that day.
    They would then scan for enigma encrypted messages the Nazis would send describing these coordinates in cypher text.
    From this, they could work out the daily key.

  12. Interesting topic, but a quick exit and a thumbs down. That bloody awful background racket ["music"?] drove me away.

  13. As a German, I fully see the beauty of Turing's work and admire his genius. And as a gay fellow, I feel pride. Funny, isn't it.

  14. It was useful for infornation but they hardly ever acted on that information. So what was the point? Coventry was a good example.

  15. Also the young Swedish mathematician and professor Arne Beurling broke the G-mashine code in 1939. About 300 000 German coded messages was deciphered in Sweden. I took Arne Beurling two weeks to break the code singlehanded with pen and paper. When Swedish authorities informed the Russians, ahead of time, that Operation Barbarossa was about to happened, Joseph Stalin did not believe it (!!!) In 1943 Arne Beurling's students broke the Z-code. However, The Dora-machine code was not broken until 1944 after some help from a German defector. After the war Arne Beurling was a guest professor at Harvard and professor at Princeton, where he inherited Albert Einsteins room in 1954. 

    Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arne_Beurling
    Article in Swedish (please use Google Translate): https://www.svd.se/svensk-knackte-nazisternas-hemliga-koder

  16. Typical american style overdramatisation adorned with bullshit suggestions and implications hinting at the way it was really the usa on it's own that really won the war.

  17. Why is it that Turing gets all the credit and Polish, the true codebreakers, are almost never mentioned in these "documentaries"?

  18. What is it with this generation of idiots?

    First off; This YouTube comment feature a chronic dysfunctional pile of crap.

    And these documentaries with the constantly LOUD soundtrack….throughout the whole fucking film. Movies today do the same damn thing.

    Why is it I don't need subtitles for movies made in the 40's and 50's?

    Because movies made today are shit.

  19. Funny about codes. I was told the CIA recently tested a code breaking algorithm by having it break the old Enigma machines without having a machine to work on. All strictly ones and zeros. It took them far longer to set up the problem than is did their teraflops supercomputers and the algorithms to solve it. They could read the messages word for word in real time.

    That's why I don't worry about encrypting my files to keep out the government, just low-level hackers. Why go to the time and trouble if the Feds can read it almost instantly no matter what commercial grade encryption I use?

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