Control Sony A6000 With Phone In Hindi | Sony Alpha App Store In Hindi

I am feeling too lazzy right now… as you can see the condition of my stuido… there is dust everywhere… all the stuff is lying here and there… I dont know why, but I dont feel like working… I guess its all happning because of pollution… so guys I made some of you confused in my last video.. specially Sony A6000 owners… the video was about controlling your camera… through a smartphone I told the functionality of sony Imaging Edge app… steps shown on that video…. were valid for all the sony alpha cameras e.g Sony A6400, A6500 or A7iii etc except for sony A6000 as it is quite old camera… & there is a different way to connect Sony A6000 if you are a sony a6000 owner…you can also control your camera through a smartphone… I will show you the steps in this video today so please watch this video till the end…. & I request you to subscribe to my channel & also hit the like button, if you enjoy this video… first we’ll open google & search “playmemory camera app” & hit enter & most probaly the first hit would be…. Sony’s playmemory website.. we will click on it… once the webpage is completely loaded… We’ll click here for registration… & fill in all the details.. its like a play store for android phones…. from where you can download apps on your phone… in a same way you can download the camera apps through this sony store next step is to connect your camera with home wifi… for that we’ll come to this catagory on 2nd page… & click on the access point… & it will start seraching for nearby networks… once you see your home network.. just click on it… enter the password & hit OK & your camera is not connected to network… once the camera is connected… & we will go to application list as shown here.. & here we will launch “PlayMemories Camer App” if you camera is connected, it will open the app store… it is the same store as shown in step 1 of this video… as you can see the app store has loaded on my camera… by default I am on New catagory… however I’ll now move to All so that it shows me all the available camera apps now here you will find a particular app & install it… that is called “smart remote control” here it is… its already installed in my camera thats why its showing as Installed here you will click on it, enter your ID password which you have created while registring yourself & it will be installed in your camera… once the installation process is complete… we will go back to application list page & click on it… here You’ll see all the installed apps on your camera… here we will open the Smart Remote Control app it will give you a QR code.. which will be used to pair your camera with your smartphone so we’ll open Sony Imaging Edge app on our mobile… I ‘ll click on Scane QR code option here & let me scan this QR code here… & our camera has successfully paired with our phone now you can control you camer with a smartphone we can now access almost all the setting from a phone infact we can set the focus by touching phone screen which is not available on newers camera like A6400 etc but here you can touch on your phone screen & set focus the only limitation I can think of video mode you cannot use this app on a video mode..

16 thoughts on “Control Sony A6000 With Phone In Hindi | Sony Alpha App Store In Hindi

  1. Sir mene neya a6000 liya he to kon sa lense lagau samaja me nei arehihe
    Kya adapter ke sath Canon ka lence acha photo ayega

  2. Thank you very much sir… finally I am able to connect the Sony a6000 camera to my mobile and can control through it…🙏🙏

  3. Thanks sir may hm tanmoy roy Sony a6000 ke all setting ke upar or ak video banaye jishe hame bohot asan hoga cemera ko chalane ke liye

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