Cómo descargar minecraft pe actualizarle desde la App Store

Hello Youtube friends today I am with one more video on my channel, I hope your comments and start with how to download minecraft pe 1.11.4 first of all I will show you that my method is 100% functional and the download is from the app store through an iTunes account and app store As you can see I just click on the cloud and the download automatically starts. Well folks, I’m going to cancel the download so you can see that my method is 100% functional. Good… in the link that I left in the description of the video will send us to my home page and if you follow the steps to the letter as I do in this video will manage to download minecraft pe The first thing we will do is go to the link that I left in the description of the video (I recommend using our safari browser) here will send us to an advertisement and the only thing we have to do is wait 5 seconds and press this jump button advertising Here we opened a popup page, we closed it and again we give jump advertising already with my home page we can see what we will have to do is touch the image and send us one more time to a page with advertising we click on the image of minecraft we will wait for 5 seconds without pressing anything until they have told us the button Skip ad as we can see this link directs us to a page very similar to that of home but this is distinguished by have title minecraft. This page is the one that will direct us to link of the account that is on mediafire we once again give a touch to the image of minecraft so that we can go to mediafire where the account is. This account that I share with you is 100% safe because I protected it with an email that can not be deleted of the account and security questions I answered them with even more difficult codes that the password for this account so the possibility of stealing this account It’s void Continuing with the video as I explained a moment ago we skip advertising and already being in mediafire we give in download (don´t worry because this is a text txt and therefore can not contain viruses because it is a plain text). Well friends, here the only thing we have to do is to copy the information as I do we left safari and headed to>configurations>itunes and app store … we closed our session and we log in with the account we stick we cut the password and we erase this we start session and ready we went to the app store and we give to the cloud. Good friends that is all for today and I await your comments do not forget to subscribe like to like the video see you soon and stay tuned for the new videos that I will be uploading in the coming days with new applications like gta and geometry dash

100 thoughts on “Cómo descargar minecraft pe actualizarle desde la App Store

  1. Si funciona es real, pero no pude entrar porque me dice que se bloqueo la cuenta por motivos de seguridad, podrías desbloquearla?

  2. Si es seguro?? Pasa que tengo tarjetas de crédito en mi iPhone y nmms además cuando inicie con tu cuenta me aparecían los números telefónicos de los que ya han iniciado sesión

  3. Men,te mereces mi respeto y admiración

    Llevo varios días queriendo subir minecraft a mí canal y hoy gracias a ti,podré hacerlo

    Te lo agradezco mucho y siempre te estaré en deuda :")

  4. Pablo ,tengo un problema.
    Cuando luego de descargar minecraft y me pongo mi Apple ID :El juego solo funciona con Internet.Sin Internet se crashea al abrirlo despues de 5 segundos.
    Espero me den una soluciont

  5. Pablo, si me funciono como dije en otro comentario pero alguien activo que se perdió el iphone y se me bloqueo y se formateo, asi que necesito la cuenta que use pero no me sale. ¿Me podrias ayudar?

  6. Quee bien Lo eh tratado de buscar en todos lados pero no funciona;( pero el tuyo siii Nuevo sub el problems Es que esta bloqueada la cuenta, la desbloqueas si?

  7. Hermano, sinceramente hoy se actualizo y no la puedo actualizar debido a qué dice que la cuenta está bloqueada.. no podrías hacer algo? No quiero perder mi mundo que tengo con mi hermanito:(

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