Communication Degree Program at Southern Oregon University

[inaudible]. My name is Dr Alena Ruggerio and I’m a
professor in the Communication program at Southern Oregon University. I’m Precious Yamaguchi and I’m an
associate professor of Communication. The reason why I love
communication studies so much
is because what we teach are life skills, how to deal face
to face with other human beings, how to work as a team in a small group, how to work with people who are from
lots of different cultures from all over the world, how to speak
publicly and be persuasive. All of these are the kinds of skills that
we teach in the communication studies program at SOU. Nowadays, social media, it seems ubiquitous. Everywhere we look, there’s different types
of Tweets, Snapchat, almost everyone has some kind of profile
either on Facebook or Linkedin and the Social Media and Public
Engagement Concentration
helps students to curate their own social media sites but also have
an understanding of what healthy social media relationships look like. And also professional
material for the web. I think just meeting
everyone within this program, there’s just so many diverse people that
have different skills and assets that they can really, um, put
together. And working with a team, you really get to put everyone’s best
parts together to create some really awesome content. Or a Communication major is going
to allow you to connect with people. And that’s what everybody, that’s everything in the world
is business or communications. And so if you have one
or both of those skills, it’s going to allow you to follow your
passion and not necessarily just find a career. Because our campus and our program
is not overwhelmingly large, it gives us a lot of opportunities
to connect with each other, whether it’s going on a study
abroad experience, going
on the Portland bootcamp, which is a great course, or sitting outside with your professor
and your classmates having a great discussion on our beautiful campus. Students have gone in all
kinds of different directions, and that’s the nice thing about
studying Communication Studies, is it’s so versatile that it doesn’t
just prepare our students for their first job that they’ll have after graduation. It prepares them for a
lifetime of different jobs.

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