College Board SAT School Day Program

I might not be able to find the ride for that day. I’m I have work that day. I probably wouldn’t have been too sure if the test was for me. We have students that showed potential for advancement but didn’t take advantage of SAT®. We thought this would be a great opportunity to present an SAT to a student that didn’t have to take it on a Saturday Voiceover: The College Board’s SAT School Day program creates a unique opportunity for students to take the SAT during class hours in their own school, encouraging them to prepare for college enrollment and completion. Now that we’ve been afforded the opportunity to participate in the SAT School Day program, we’ve grown from that thirty-fifth percentile to ninety percent participation in the last three years. The SAT School Day has put the official score report, the resources right at the fingertips of families to give them the boost they may not have had previously. Voiceover: Since 2009, the College Board has partnered with States and school districts to administer the SAT during the school day, making it accessible to all students. So, if I have my SAT scores on my transcript and everything, and all of that is handled then it’ll be easier for me to get into the colleges I want to. I want to be into the sports medicine field and I have to get into a good college with a high SAT score. So, with this SAT School Day, it gave me the opportunity that I didn’t have before to take a free SAT in school, in a familiar environment, and do great on it. Voiceover: With SAT School Day, students can take the exam without worrying about missing work, religious obligations, or other extra-curricular activities that often conflict with Saturday test days. Students increase their chances of applying to and enrolling in college. We’ve definitely seen an increase in the number of students who matriculate into post-secondary, and we feel that SAT School Day is a big part of that. I can tell you, it changes lives. I mean, everybody has the opportunity to go to college or post-secondary work. That’s why we’re doing this SAT on a school day. Since we’ve started school day SAT in 2010, we’ve increased our college enrollment, college acceptances are off the map, and we’re most excited to say that our Class of 2014 was offered over two-hundred and fifty million dollars in scholarships and financial aid. Well, I got accepted into the University of North Texas in Denton. I’m going to be a chemistry major. And I received the Emerald Eagle Scholarship which pays for all my classes, so I’m real excited for that. Voiceover: Helping students realize their dreams for the future. College Board SAT School Day.

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