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choice in college list I will guide you in choosing the perfect College list for
you my first tip is to create a raw list of colleges but these colleges all have
to fall in the group of meeting your basic needs so what I mean by that is
the schools you have to think about what size school you want how many people you
want in the school where you want it located what kind of town you want it to
be in a big city or a small town and you also have to think of the social
political cultural environment of the school and whether that fits in with
what you want to be a part of so considering all those things you want
your raw list of colleges to be falling into all those basic needs that you
require so once you have that list
I tell you aim for somewhere between let’s say 20 30 colleges in that raw
list now what you’re gonna do is group each college and whether it’s
approximately reach school hard to get into middle school middle to getting to
and low or safety school which is going to be easier to get into now the way my
college counselor and I did it is we looked at acceptance rates so the higher
the acceptance rate the more safety it was but lower the acceptance rate the
more high reach it was you also have to consider your scores for example with
the scores that the students who can admit it are getting so I would Google
the colleges name and statistics or score statistics and it will tell you
the average SAT scores the average scores that students at that college
again you can also Google is this university or each school is this
University a middle school so do that Google just is this University of Reece
cool is this University middle school and also ask yourself based on your own
scores and based on the acceptance average acceptance rate you see online
so that will help you group your computer all colleges into like reach
schools middle schools and safety schools and what you’re aiming for is
three three three four four four so by the end of the day in the next few tips
I’m gonna give you you want to start eliminating colleges and only apply to
the ones that you really really love and the ones that you feel like wow I could
really go here so now you have the rawest and you want to make sure that
you have at least four in each category and now that you have four in each
category you want to start getting to know the schools so for example if you
have a list of 30 schools like I just told you to do or all lists but 20 of
them are reaches and ten of them our middle schools and you have no safety
that’s a problem we have to make sure that we balance them out because we need
to increase our chances of getting into college so my next tip is now that you
have the list start touring colleges does your school offer college tours
there’s a program near you after offer offer college tours can one of your
parents take you or your guardian or a family member do you have a friend in
high school that’s really into colleges and really into a broad array of
different colleges are they going we’ll ask them very nicely if you can join
them just make sure you get on those college tours whether it takes going
with a friend from your high school or asking any family member to take you
like make sure you are going to those college tours because they are really
important in maybe adding a new college to your list and crossing some old ones
off your list or making one college on your raw list a definite yes so they
will help you with essay writing material when you are on those tours
bring a notebook and write things that you feel inspired to say in your
supplement or your essays write things that will be useful for your college
application my next tip is while you’re in the
process of touring colleges what you have to do is Google weather so you’re
going to tour three colleges in a weekend does this Google this university
admissions interviews some colleges do admissions interviews which I didn’t
know until I started touring colleges and I would see students doing pre
admissions interviews with admissions themselves and that that and that can
help you because if you’re meeting with admissions they’re the people who are
going to be reading your essays that can only help you if you tell them how much
you love their school and why and that only takes a 20 minute google search
online so definitely if the school’s you’re touring offer that sign up for an
admissions interview and take advantage of that and if they don’t then it’s okay
because it’s not like you’ll be being compared to other students who have had
them for example Brown we we offer no admissions interviews before applying to
brown so but some schools do and that can give you good leverage so check that
out next tip top two people who go to the
college whether it’s stopping someone from the con saying hey I might apply
here do you have a second to answer two questions and think of your two
questions that you really really want to ask or messaging someone who used to go
to your high school who now that goes to the college you’re looking into and
asking hey what is this college about do you love it here do you hate it and
asking them some questions or you could ask a friend of yours who goes to that
college questions and you can also ask a friend of yours hey can I visit you in
the college because that way you can sit in on lectures you could go to the
cafeterias you can see how people interact or some colleges have when
you’re interested in going there they have optional weekend stays where they
pair you with the student and you get to go sit in with classes and you get to
stay over there or sometimes they have a sleepover version for a weekend and
sometimes they have okay you can go to these three classes today as a part of
your tour and as a part of your day at this College so call the admissions
office or call the University Office and ask what are the options for me to get
to know your school better or there is there anyway consider it on classes how
can I schedule that or how can I schedule staying with a student for a
weekend do you have any programs like that so reach out to the college and ask
if they have any programs like that because what you want is to get college
students who go there you want their perspective you want to know what it
would be like to go there every day my last tip is to look online at stats
stats are going to be so your best friend do you love the courses that are
offered do you love the syllabi that are coming with those courses do you like
the requirements do you want to school who has a list of requirements or do you
want an open curriculum at Brown where we only have two requirements besides
our major so make sure to look at stats make sure that you are happy with the
environment with the people with the classes with the curriculum and all of
those things and that will help you identify some of your favorite favorite
schools but it will also help you narrow down that rough list that we talked
about at the beginning because that’s where you’re gonna start with you have
to start with a big list and then narrow down does this meet my basic needs well
okay does this meet my specific needs what did I think of the tours and then
before you know it you’ll have 4 for 4 or 333 in each category in reach in
middle and safety and that’s what you want and you’ll have done all this prep
work that applying will be a piece of cake because you will have all your
notes from your tours you will have all the reasons why you chose to college and
you will have a great idea of why you love the colleges and when you apply you
will be able to put your best foot forward and describe why you love to
school and when you get your acceptance is you’ll be happy with every school
because you will have hand selected them yourself and you will love every school
on your list thank you so much for watching this
video I hope you got a better idea of how to narrow down your college list and
how to make an organized 3 3 3 or 4 4 for college list so I hope that you
enjoyed this video comment either your college list below or comment how many
schools you will be applying to in the fall below or what you’re thinking about
so have a beautiful day and I hope Brown is
your list because it’s such an awesome school okay take care


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