Coinbase Affiliate Program – How To Make Affiliate Commissions With Coinbase

hey guys Rachel Leslie here and in this
video I’m gonna teach you how to make Commission’s by promoting coinbase
so I’m gonna share my screen so we can announce the winner of the last videos
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channel and like the video is gonna win so I really like the this comment from
Melissa Rachel you can you care to share the sellers that you use on udemy I know
not all of them get amazing results also great video so I like that comment
because it is relevant to what I was talking about in the video what she
actually subscribe to my channel and that’s what you got to do so Melissa I
will be sending ten dollars worth of litecoin to your coinbase
wallet or whatever you have okay now let’s get into the video bye guys
hey guys Rachel Astley here teaching you the easiest and laziest ways to do
affiliate marketing so there’s a really cool opportunity with affiliate
marketing right now and crypto currencies crypto currencies such as
Bitcoin and aetherium and litecoin and a bunch of other all points that became
really they’re becoming really popular and it’s not too late to get started a
lot of people want to get started and to get started you don’t start with the
advanced stuff you start with the most basic and the most basic easiest way to
get started with buying cryptocurrency is using coinbase and often times people
use this on their phone with the app and also there’s a desktop version on the
computer so what I’m going to show you guys is where you can grab your
affiliate code so if you’re talking to your friends about cryptocurrency you
can tell them hey do you want it free ten dollars use my link it’s kind of
like using your sharing with someone your uber referral code or your host
mates referral code you can share your coin
a referral code so you earn $10 and they earned $10 when that person has either
bought or sold $100 worth of cryptocurrency and that’s in a 180 day
span that’s six months so I’m gonna show you guys what this is gonna look like
where you can grab your referral link so just go in your coin to base account
make an account okay if you don’t have one yet make one with my referral link
below in the description and once you’re in you’ll click on your name in the
corner and you’ll go to click this invite friends button and then it’s
gonna take you to this page and here’s your code you can also put their email
but I just like to grab my code you can put the raw code and like YouTube videos
you can make youtube videos like this and give people tutorials you can post
on Facebook I wouldn’t just post your link straight on Facebook the algorithms
not going to show your posts but let’s turn off my screen share or you can do
other things too if you really want to get into it you could do some advanced
SEO things to get traffic you can do some Facebook Ads to get traffic but
also you can start by just talking about it with your family and friends and then
giving them your code you can also make tracking links for your code or shorten
the link if it’s if you want it easier to remember there is a way to make it
like your website slash coinbase so I could set mine up to be Rachel s like
home slash plain bass I didn’t do that yet but should do that now so that makes
it easier that’s a little more advanced but if you just use your code that’s
right in there then that will work and it will cookie the person that clicks
that link so if you’ll get the credit so if you guys have any questions leave a
comment below and subscribe to my channel if you want to learn more about
affiliate marketing in different softwares
and apps that you can make commissions often

7 thoughts on “Coinbase Affiliate Program – How To Make Affiliate Commissions With Coinbase

  1. Nice Video!What can you say about tnb?thanks for the giveaway!
    btc adress
    Ltc adress
    Bch adress

  2. Found this video and as someone who is relatively new to Crypto and based in the UK this video is SO helpful! Thank you! Can you also make a video on withdrawing from coinbase etc… 🙂

  3. hi rachel … keep creating interesting content and about anything. I will keep following you constantly.

  4. Oh, thank you, Rachel, for creating informative videos about Litecoin. Keep providing values & Go ahead as a giver.

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