13 thoughts on “Coding Challenge #43: Context-Free Grammar

  1. You know String.replace can take a callback function to calculate the replacement, right? That's much easier than splitting every term by the spaces and creating nested arrays XD

  2. I am really enjoying your videos so far. Amazing work and you seem like a really nice guy XD I would like to ask about why recursive functions are stopped by some IDEs and why a stackOverFlow Exception is given even though the program doesn't really have any problems.

  3. Why do you laugh so much when coding?
    I had a firm opinion about coding and computer science in general: "if you are having fun, you're not doin' it good"
    With that I mean that I'm not sure if you are laughing because you are really enjoying it or you realized how your life as a programmer is fucked and it is a consequent schizophrenic reaction to that.
    In any case you are great man and you really crack me off…

  4. Very interesting. But way too much background noise (people talking). Next time better record in a quiet room.

  5. hey i have a request for a coding challenge (don't know if this is the right place :P):
    if you go to this website http://whois.domaintools.com/ there is a "network" of dots connected with lines following your mouse. this looks really awesome and I would like to make this my own, but i struggle a lot with it :/
    I appreciate it a lot, if you made a coding challenge out of it πŸ˜€
    and since I'm already writing: your videos are awesome and very, very interesting and I like them very much.
    Greetings from Germany,

  6. You do videos about the coolest topics! We learned about BNF and grammars in my compilers class. This stuff is really interesting.

  7. I really wish you had a series about transforming Papers in Code, by getting classic algorithms from famous papers and showing us how to code it. I have seen one from you, the disk (poisson I guess?) and its really amazing. I would love to see you take a crack on classic disney papers, where they show their algorithms and so on…

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