Coastal Now – CCU’s Sustainable Farm to Table Program

From farm… To table… To campus grounds.
Here at Coastal we’re full circle. Coastal Carolina University sources food for its
dining halls from as close as possible. Bringing that farm-to-table to our
locations is very important to us. Coastal works with agents who deal
directly with farms in the Carolinas. The distributor gives us a list each
week of products that are locally available. That dictates what the
kitchens on campus prepare. We customize our menus to make sure that we are able
to utilize what’s local. That results in food that is better. The taste profile
you get is something that can’t be replicated. Tastier and healthier. They’re
able to maintain the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. CCU’s effort
doesn’t end with farm-to-table. Food waste is collected, it’s turned into
compost and used in the plant beds all around the University. Our grounds crew
and greenhouse crews do a wonderful job of using this product to help nurture
new plants here on campus. I has a great environmental impact. The entire
program shows a commitment to the environment. It says that Coastal
Carolina University is focused on the future. Students are educated too, about
what is happening, where their food comes from and why it’s important. This is
something that you can continue once you leave Coastal, once you’re purchasing
your own foods. It’s a lesson for life.

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