Club Invention Afterschool STEM Program

(inspiring piano music) – Club Invention is important because STEM helps them learn problem solving. It’s about how to make it work, experimenting, hypothesizing,
trying different things. – It’s gotta stay in the middle for five seconds to create neutral buoyancy. Alright, let’s see what happens. – (Child) Now let’s just
keep on adding water. – No, it’s like right in the middle. – They invent things and create things that they didn’t know that they could do. (children talking) – [Suzi] You see them
thinking through that process. – Just how a simple fold
can make a difference. – [Children] Three, two, one. – You shoulda bent it a
little bit more by the wings, it woulda made it go faster and farther. – [Child] It didn’t go straight, but it did go the farthest and fastest. – The hands-on learning,
the learning-through-play… The children have so much fun. – [Teacher] This is good! – [Child] Yeah. – Maybe like a castle. – Okay guys, we need to
move it over this way. (inspiring piano music) – The big blue button to make
all the buttons come out! – They find excitement
in what they’re building, what they’re creating,
what they’re solving. – [Adrienne] It gives them a
chance to explore academics, but in a fun way. – [Children] Three, two, one. (playful music) (cheering) – [Teacher] We’re gonna
find out if the water’s more acidic, or more basic. (children shouting) So, do you think that
happens in the real ocean? – [Child] Yes. Yes? (children talking) – [Child] You want to put more in so like, it absorbs faster. – Club Invention’s so easy to implement, because everything is there. – [Brooke] The kids get the opportunity to create, to invent, to inspire. – They can be that inventor,
they can be that scientist, they can, they can change the world. – [Child] Can we improve this? (children talking) – [Children] Club Invention! (playful music)

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