Chromebooks by Keyboard: Browsing Tabs and Links

Hi, I’m Laura and I’m on the Chrome accessibility team at Google. In this quick tutorial, we’ll go over some
basic browsing techniques, and we’ll take a look at a few different ways to open and
navigate tabs and links using just your Chromebook keyboard.You may already be familiar with
how to browse and navigate a web page just using the arrow keys. But, did you know you can actually navigate
and scroll down whole sections of a long page just by pressing the Spacebar? Let’s take a look. When I get to the end of the page, I can go
back up by holding down Shift this time, while I press the Spacebar. You can also do this same thing using the
Alt keys with the Up and Down arrows. If I’m at the top of the page, and just
want to jump straight to the bottom, I can press Control + Alt + Down arrow. Or, press Control + Alt + Up arrow to get
back to the top. When on lengthy pages, this can be a lot faster
than using just the arrow keys! To move around the page, jumping from one
clickable thing to another, press Tab. And to move backwards by links, buttons, and
anything else that’s focusable and clickable, I can press Shift + Tab. Now you probably already know that when your
Chrome browser is open, there’s at least one open tab on your Chromebook. So are you ready to explore additional tabs? I want to open a new tab, so I‘ll hold down
Control and press T. Okay…Next, let’s close that tab by pressing Control + W.
Now I’m going to re-open that last tab. To do that – remember how I opened up the
new tab? Control + T? Can you guess how I’m going to reopen it? If you guessed Control + Shift + T, awesome! I actually wind up using this all the time
when I accidentally close a tab that I still need open. Now that I have more than one tab open, I
can hold down Control and press Tab to cycle through them. And to go backwards… Control + Shift + Tab. One last thing. Let’s open up a new window instead of a
new tab. Press Control + N (as in New) to do that. To move between windows, I can press Alt +
Tab, or Alt + Shift + Tab to cycle backwards. As long as we’re talking about tabs, let’s
also talk about links. Now these are related because you can open
up links in your existing tab, a new tab, or a completely new window. And Chrome has lots of different ways to open
your links using just the keyboard. You can open a link in the current tab, or
a new tab in the background. You can also open a link in the new tab and
then jump to that tab in one step. You can even open a link in a completely new
window. Let’s explore those now. So, here’s how to open a link in the current
tab. Just press Enter. To open a link in a new background tab, hold
down Control and press Enter. Now we’re going to open a link in a new
tab and jump directly to that tab. I hold down Control and Shift, and press Enter,
and there we go! But if I need to open a link in a completely
new browser window, I can hold down Alt and Shift, and then press Enter to do that. So that’s quite a few ways, right? Did you see a new favorite? Don’t worry if you don’t remember all
of these right away. You can always rewatch this video, or visit
the Chromebook Help Center to pull up articles on keyboard shortcuts. And you can also watch other videos on navigating
Chromebooks by keyboard,  so you can get the most out of your Chromebook. Again, I’m Laura, and on behalf of myself
and the Chrome Accessibility Team, thanks for watching!

21 thoughts on “Chromebooks by Keyboard: Browsing Tabs and Links

  1. at no point when on a YouTube video should SPACE scroll down the page… even if the video is not focused. i STILL want space to pause.. space to scroll down is a stupid idea

  2. A great chrome plugin to really improve your keyboard browsing experience is vimium. You can press f and every link will be highilighted with a letter and pressing that letter will go to that respective link

  3. I love keyboard shortcuts 😍 I use all of them! Except for entering links using enter, I prefer to use Ctrl + Click, Ctrl + Shift + Click, etc. Cycling through links using tab isn't a good experience.
    Please, create shortcuts for Pinning a tab or duplicating it! =)


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