Chevening Scholarships – Things to bear in mind after submitting your application

During the application process, this is
where patience is key to keep your nerves at bay. For instance, drawing upon
my own experience right after I submitted my application I contacted my
referees to inform them that I was planning to take them on board as
references and made sure that that process was finished underway. So in a
sense it was more of preparing for the next stage after one stage was finished
to keep myself engaged. Second thing to keep in mind is that be aware of the
application timeline so you know exactly when to expect some sort of
communication from the Chevening Secretariat. For example interviews
during my batch were held in mid-Feb so expecting a response during that time
was when I constantly checked my application portal and my emails for any
communication from Chevening as opposed to constantly checking for communications
at every other juncture now and then. So, that helps in a way preserve your own
sanity in a way.

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