Changes to the iOS11 App Store

Hey, this is the Daily Overpass! My name
is Eric and I make apps! Now today, let’s just have a really quick look at the
changes to the iOS 11 App Store. For the last few weeks a lot of my time and
energy has gone to the iOS 11 upgrade. I know we’ve known about iOS 11 like for
ages but I’ve never been one to like join beta programs and everything
like that. I usually wait till it hits and then I deal with everything at the
time, so, that’s what I’m doing. I’m dealing with everything at the time. And
most of the time, I mean to be honest, I really like iOS 11. I think it’s
nice. I used to hate it when we get an upgrade and then nothing changed. So this
is something that’s although the changes are minor, you know, they’re not
dead. I mean, I don’t think they’re that great, but they’re still – it’s just
nice to see this little – things just change a little bit. I like it. And
along with those changes are the big changes of the App Store. This is what
makes submission a bit more difficult. Alright. So, it’s usually stuff like
image assets, dealing with some old versions of ionic and stuff like that.
Like just boring stuffs, all will go into that. But today, what I want to do is
have a look at the new – at the new iOS 11 App Store and compare it to the old one.
So, I have here my iPad, you should be able to see the screen of everything
going correctly, let me just go into the App Store. The new App Store icon
which is very minimal – minimalistic here. So, it starts off here with this
Today section here, which is – which is nice. From a
user perspective, it’s really nice to go in there and see this – it
got these nice and big promotion thing. So when something’s featured now, it’s
like really featured. And then of course, when I went into
this, first thing I wanted to do was check to see some of my apps, see how
they’re doing in terms of search and everything like that. I struggled
to find the search, to be honest with you. And then of course, right down here
at the bottom right hand corner, so on the bottom here, you got the today tab. I guess they could – they could feature some things. it’s nice. It’s
bright. It’s like nice and big. By the way, this is on iPad Pro, so it might be a little bit bigger than – was obviously bigger than on iphone,
but bigger than an iPad Air. I just scrolled down here a little bit,
I see what’s trending, what’s new, what’s, you know, those
chosen few. The ones who have been blessed to buy Apple to be to be shown
or whatever. And then, if I go down there on the bottom I see – you’ve got games,
similar to two before. You got the top games, you
got apps as a different section, you got updates and you can see I got 53
updates. I’m really terrible with doing updates. Then way over here
on the bottom, you have search. I think the thing that bothers
me the most about – By the way, I love the update. So just let me put that out
there, but I hate the fact that the search is way down here in the
bottom right hand corner. Like if I was gonna put settings someplace, that’s
where I would put it. It is – it’s very different to where it was in the
last version of the iOS. I still have an iOS 10 on another iPad over here, so
we’ll go over that here in a minute. But you know, this is where I live. I live in
search. So, when it’s kind of relegated to an afterthought, that
bothers me a little bit. It could just be me being – I mean, only time will
tell. Over the next few months, we’ll find out
if if our app downloads go up or down or if they just completely disappear. But
for me, it’s just – it’s confusing. Well, I think it’s confusing. Someone who’s used to using the other one… The fact that – you know, a
few years ago, everybody knows there’s an app for that. You know, they – they boast about the fact that the – millions of
apps or hundreds of thousands of apps that they had, and now it’s kind of like
just oh well, it might be in the back. You check the search, if
you can’t find what you’re looking for up here, go check in the back. Check our
catalog or whatever. So anyway, that’s just kind of the way I think about it. Whereas, Google Play is very much search driven. This seems to be
very much feature driven. They’re trying to give you what they think you want, so
you don’t have to go through the search and troll through all the archives. But
as developers, that’s where we live. Let’s just compare this here with the
iOS 10, with the iOS 10 App Store. Okay, so now, I have my trusty iPad air with iOS 10 which I specifically have not upgraded this one
yet, so we could go over this. And also, it’s good for testing. A lot of
our users are not upgrading to the latest version because they have an older iPad
and we have to sort of support those guys. So, have a look at this of what
the old app store. By the way, I do like the old icon. Although, I don’t know
why, I mean, the old icon for the apps always look like a camping website to me.
Every time I see this, it looks like a tent. I think it’s because of those KOA
sites, if you ever drive across the US. The logo looks similar to this, it
just reminds me of it. So, let’s go into this one and to be honest with you, the
the old App Store wasn’t that much different. But it wasn’t – you didn’t have
that big today thing. So, along the bottom, you still have the featured
section first. You have the categories of top charts to purchase, the
updates, everything. But the search was always more prominently displayed. It was
almost like up in the upper right-hand corner up here. It just made
more sense to me to put the search someplace where it’s just – it’s not like
on the same level as everything else. I mean if you’re browsing you would go
look at the featured apps. If you wanted to – if you were looking for
something specific, that search is right there.. And it’s just one of those little
things it bothers me a little bit it. It might just be because I’m getting old
and I don’t like change. I’m willing to accept that. It might
just, you know, but for me. I’m not – I mean I like the new iOS 11 update. I like the
new App Store. It’s just that, the fact that the search, where a lot
of us live. Like a lot of us app developers live in that search area.
That’s where all of our users come from at least. That’s where all of my users
come from and on the iOS side. The fact that it’s been moved up, kind of bothers me
a little bit. But anyway, let me know what you, guys, think. I mean, are you -and first
of all, we’ll find out over the next few months whether or not if actually – it may
could just be me being irrational with fears about, you know, who knows what. But
let me know what you, guys, think. Do you think it’s gonna be a good thing
for the App Store? Do you think it’s gonna hinder your apps or do you think
it’s gonna do better? And because of this change, are you gonna try harder for the
featured spot? Because for me, I’m never really worried about being featured. I
just thought if it happens, it happens. But it might just be
something that we have to start looking at apps that have been featured and
start doing that too. Anyway, that’s it for today. I’ll talk to you, guys, tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Changes to the iOS11 App Store

  1. About not liking the new "Search" item on iOS 11 – "..It might just be because I'm getting old and I don't like change…" – Nope, that's not it, because the new "Search" is demonstrably worse in terms of accessibility due to requiring one more click to open a new page, whereas the old "Search" was ready to use from the get-go without leaving the initial page. Also in terms of "good practices & standards" when designing an UI, the new "Search" item defies them by being located in an unusual position at the bottom of the page, rather than in the (expected by now) position at the top of the page (just like placing at the bottom-left the "x" for closing a window, instead at the expected top-right).

  2. Hello eric thank you for the awesome videos anyway i recently released an app on the apple appstore and within a week i got 1000 app units from china but i do not see any impressions from that region from firebase analytics. Have you experienced that before ?

  3. I liked the top charts tab in the old iOS, because it was easier to use and look at, and I didn't have to scroll left? I would have to do another step and enter the view all top FREE and same with PAID, can't just see both at once.

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