CDI College – Health Care Aide Program – Long Version

What made me choose this program here at CDI College was the flexible hours they had to offer me, and the friendly administration staff. They welcomed me and then they showed me everything they had to offer. What’s so cool about CDI is that they have a very small classroom setting compared to most colleges and universities. There’s tons of time and and opportunity to meet with the instructor because of the small classroom settings. I think my favorite part about being here so far is just how helpful the instructors have been and how it’s just such a tight-knit community. You really get to know everyone – all your classmates, on a personal level. No matter what you need help with, your instructors are always there for you. I’m most looking forward to the clinical placement, to be working with and actually helping real people and getting more of that hands-on experience. You do get a lot of hands-on experience here in the lab, but it’s definitely going to be a different change of pace when you’re in a hospital or a care home. Being at CDI College has shown me what my full potential actually is, and I know that I can do anything I put my mind to now. I’ve been teaching just shy of 20 years now at various different secondary educational institutions. When it comes to teaching, I find that you have to change your teaching methods. We try to take all the different areas of adult learning so they can be visual, they can be auditory, they can be tactile and kinesthetic. In the field of health care, continually educating yourself is very important. I went to university at 18, and I’m still in school to this day, every year, learning new skills, so that I an be up-to-date as a healthcare provider. The advice I would give people who were wanting to go into this field is speak to people who are already in the field, first of all. I learned a lot here. Also the instructor are very good. I love it. They keep on motivating you every day, so I’m very happy to be here. I can continue my my future dreams because back home I am a nurse. So, now, I’m here to continue my dreams. If someone was interested in looking into coming here, I would say make an appointment right away with an admissions representative. It’s great because they know all the answers.

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