CCC&TI’s Massage Therapy Program

– It’s here in the Massage
Therapy program at Caldwell, it’s been amazing, beyond the expectations that
I ever would have had before. In the fact that the depth of knowledge that they go into with the
anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, and also
the techniques of massage have been really, extremely enlightening, and life changing. – Gettin’ into this field
is, it’s pretty exciting to do something with a little
more meaning and purpose and beneficial to all, just helping people out, rather than just kinda slave to the grind. – I’m actually an alumni of the program and was able to start my own business and build a successful business because of the skills I
learned in this program. When I was contacted and
asked to join the program as program coordinator and instructor, I was thrilled. It’s been an amazing journey and I really enjoy watching my students absorb new information, learn the hands on skills that they need to be successful and move out into our public clinics and the community events with confidence. – I chose massage therapy because I wanted to further my career. I have a Bachelors degree
in alternative medicine. And from there I wanted to move forward, learn more about the body, be able to help people in a
way that’s beneficial to them. – I came to Caldwell Community College because it was highly recommended but also because it’s very affordable and I’ve been very happy with
the quality of instruction. And I’m feeling confident about going out and doing this work. – Came to this program
after a 20 year career of teaching here locally
in the public schools, I have a Masters degree in education, and I’ve been very
impressed with the quality and instruction, I’ve
received here at Caldwell. – [Amy] We have students
that come from all over western North Carolina, we have instructors
that come from all over western North Carolina, so that we can put the best
instructors with our students. You’ll graduate from this program, ready to pass the state exam and get your licensure from the North Carolina Board, which will then allow
you to work for a spa, for a doctor or chiropractors office, or open your own business as well. – As a single mom, I was
looking for a quality and affordable program, and came across massage therapy, and I am thoroughly enjoying it, and looking forward to
starting a new life for me and my daughter. – [Everyone shouting] Massage therapy. (relaxing music)

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