Caught On Camera: Python Devours Goat Whole

COMM: Midway through devouring an adult goat, this huge python is caught on camera in India.
And it isn’t put off it’s meal by the gathering crowds. 00:30
COMM: The photographer Roni Choudhury happened across a group of villagers who were gathered
around this feasting reptile. 00:45
COMM: The snake estimated to be ten feet long took around four hours to swallow the goat,
before slowly retreating to nearby bushes. 01:00
COMM: Locals say this was the first incident of out’s kind to happen so near the village,
but deforestation in the area has affected the way many animals hunt. Now there’s a worry,
that this could become more common in inhabited areas. With fears that a child or even an
adult could be at risk.

98 thoughts on “Caught On Camera: Python Devours Goat Whole

  1. I need to see it to believe that it actually ate the entire thing. I can't imagine that it was actually able to get the whole goat down. They should of showed the snake after it ate it.

  2. Damn that thing must've been dead for a while since it's already so bloated. That snake's gonna have some major gas.

  3. The snake never did swallow that goat. No Way. Why would the film maker not have filmed it to the end. Why Barcroft , would you even put this up. If this is the standard of the reporting I have only recently subbed but I would rather see truthful videos and not just a 2nd hand story taken without even researching a little. I know a little about snakes ,I'm no expert but that snake was never getting that bloated goat swallowed the way it was .

  4. Lol sooooooooooooo what he is eating, every one do it every day. You eat big mac he eat goat. wtf is a problem there why is a drama. need to accept we take there home animals dont have a choice or cant pay a tax to a country thay live on earth like we do so dont make a drama give them space to live.

  5. I'm calling "Fake" on this. The title says "Caught on Camera: Python devours a Goat Whole", but there is no video of the goat being devoured.

    I don't believe the goat was eaten at all and am giving this video a thumbs down for deceptive titling as a result.

  6. humans destroy the forests and animals homes and then they complain about the animals eating close to their homes Bollocks

  7. They could have at least filmed what the dam snake looked like after it ate it!!!!!
    Now how in the hell are we to know what we are looking at when we see a snake with a huge bump in it!?!?

    I really wanted to see how it looked! Where the legs till sticking straight out? That would have been priceless! Ok, who's going over there to train them on how to film such things?

    They definitely missed the "Money Shot," on this one!!

    I was also waiting to see everything blow out the back end from all the squeezing. ……….what a let down this video was!!

  8. this is scarey and disgusting, my body was like shrinking together, even my balls went small and i had things like rashes on my skin while watching this. am gonna have night mares.

  9. يمكنكم التوزيع من نطاقكم بنشر مقاطع فيديو عن احداث العالم غير المعروفة وتحت رعاية الموهوبين والمبدعين والعاملين في حقل الثقافة والفنون والآداب في كل مكان

  10. No way can snake swallow that goat as whole,ive seen a video clip in which same size snake killed a boar/pig but unable to swallow it.

  11. Y'all are so mean because you didn't help the goat and on person was very brave to help a dog not being eaten by a snake

  12. I love Reptiles and Amphibians snakes looks like they want to kiss you… But I never get my face to close up… :3

  13. You forgot to mention that many snakes die because they took on a prey that was too big for them to swallow. Due to the position and angle of their fangs, ones a portion bitten it has to go on, even if it kills him. It was for that reason that there were no images of the goat half way in, you pathetic uneducated narcistic bald prick!

  14. They say the python swallowed the whole goat. Then why are we only seeing footage of it barely getting through the head?

  15. This narrator always says "python constricted x and ate it whole" Of course it did, what should it do get out a knife and fork? ALL snakes whether constrictors or venomous swallow their prey whole.

  16. Looks like the goat was already dead. That's why its abdomen is bloated. It takes quite a long time for a carcass to get in that condition.


  18. But that thing over there and the other two came before us now. Who didn't allow salad in? Because the Hoover Dam set it up right but it was in June. Regardless.

  19. i dont think the snake can eat hole, look the stomach of the goat has, idk but my opinion the snake cant eat whole

  20. I know snakes can swallow big prey but not this size snake. This snake wasn't big enough to eat that goat. That goat was TOO big!! I wish I seen the film for that….

  21. I'm just thinking what if this incident occurred in middle eastern.. where people love their Goat🐐 more than anything!! 😂😂

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