21 thoughts on “Castles: Rochester Castle ~ Video Tour.

  1. i suggest watching the movie ironclad on Netflix it takes place in England and the main castle they fight at is Rochester

  2. the United Kingdom is by far the best country on the planet and home to the best city on the planet, London

  3. Great video!  You did very well to navigate those stairs with a camera!  I've been there a number of times over the years and the stairs can be a bit dodgy in places.

  4. A favourite castle of mine. I was present on Marc Morris' tour of this castle (via the English Heritage) in 2012, indeed a great day.

    A brilliant video which does the castle justice. On the subject of castles. Everyone who's interested should check my videos out on my channel.  I travel up and down the country in all kinds of weather documenting my trips on Castles, Manor houses, Churches, Minsters, Parks & Forests. I am indeed a Medieval/castle enthusiast. 

    (I just returned from Ireland filming Blarney Castle and Carmelite Friary)


  5. Sylvia441 I can't seem to be able to comment on your comment but I do agree I move too fast  and have noticed in many of my videos. I do it on my Mobile and its just a hobby for me so tbh I never really worry too much about lighting etc. I put them on here so people can watch and if they enjoy them I'm glad. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it  and I will be trying harder as I make more videos to improve in all aspects of the video.Thank you for your views.

  6. moving to fast & you have the sun either in your face or to many shadows.  Sweet music but the dark shadows take away from it.  My family roots are from Kent, England & was disappointed.   just saying

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