Castle Story – Survive & Build Castles!

49 thoughts on “Castle Story – Survive & Build Castles!

  1. and for those not figguring out yet , build walls across the tree paths leading to the center with the blue crystall , build higher archways ''to save material adn speed upp building'' behind it to give secodn archer line higher line of fire etc etc , add killing boxes behind doors and such''

  2. it crashes really often but after a few moments the dev(s) noticed my problem and send me to the help desk! really helpfull!

  3. Hey I have the game and I love it but I was just wondering do you think maybe you can walk us or me through making the castle you made… I like it and. I tried to follow along but at the start when u placed stockpiles I didn't really know where to place it around the crystal I tried to eyeball it but it just wouldn't work can you maybe do a walk through of your castles you make?

  4. i was just wondering do you need a good computer to run this game? cause i really want this game but i'm afraid i won't be able to run it

  5. When is the moment to spawn a new "person" you can use a quick click, and you can spawn more than one of them

  6. Hell yes this is an awesome series I think a lot of your fanbase will like this.

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