Caselaw Access Project: Case Browser

The CAP Case Browser is an interface to
browse and view cases made available by the Caselaw Access Project. We like to think
of this like a bookshelf to browse and cite to all U.S. case law, digitized
from the collections of the Harvard Law School Library. Here we can browse cases from the jurisdiction level all the way through reporters and volumes to see
what cases they hold. Cases in the CAP Case Browser are organized by
jurisdiction, reporter, volume and page. With the CAP Case Browser you can read up
to 500 cases per day and publicly link to individual cases to share in articles,
social media, and more. Here’s one example of how to get started. Let’s say you’re
reading Brown v. Board of Education and want to share that case in a
project you’re working on. From that case, copy the link from your
address bar. You can take this link and use it to cite to and publicly share
this case online. Learn more at

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